Shared Laundry Room Rules for Apartment Dwellers

Author: Lauren Ross


Apartment dwellers may choose to have their own laundry space in their home or utilize the laundry facility offered by the apartment community. An apartment laundry center can often get messy and inconvenient if fellow residents don’t follow the shared laundry room rules that are set in place. Be a good neighbor and lead by example when using the facility. Below are some rules to think about when using a shared laundry room:

Rule #1: Select the right time

Be mindful of neighbors if the laundry center is adjacent or sharing a wall with neighboring units. If you can help it, avoid doing late-night laundry loads so your neighbors can sleep. The hours between 8 and 11 a.m. are really the ideal times to go – it’s typically less crowded and community “quiet hours” have since ceased.

Rule #2: Don’t leave clothes abandoned

Abandoned clothes in the machines and on the floor are big frustrations of many residents that use a community clothes center. Set a timer on your watch or phone to remind yourself to pick up your clothes after each cycle. Doing this will help keep available machines open for others and you won’t come back to find your things dumped on the laundry center floor – unfortunately, this does happen…a lot.

Rule #3: Give the person before you a few extra minutes to retrieve their belongings

If a machine has just ended its cycle, give the person who came before you a few extra minutes to retrieve their stuff. If they have not returned after 10 minutes, go ahead and alert the leasing staff so the clothes can be removed and the owner notified.

Rule #4: Keep the facility clean

Keep the laundry facility neat and tidy for others. Toss dryer sheets, empty bottles and other trash items into garbage cans. Keep the washers and dryers clean by checking pant pockets for trash that could get lodged within the appliances.

Rule #5: Report rule breakers

If you notice neighbors that are not respectful of the equipment or property of others, report the infractions to the property manager right away. The office can do a follow-up and send out a reminder of laundry room rules to the entire community.