Small Space Necessities You Can Do Without

Author: Lauren Ross


You finally made the move into your very own city apartment! The rental you have been dreaming of for months is everything you imagined it to be. It has large, sun-soaked windows; amazing skyline views; a spacious balcony; and the apartment is in a prime location in town.

The apartment is great, but one thought entered your mind during the final walk through: How will I fit all my furniture into such a small amount of space? Most city studios and one-bedrooms often lack square footage. However, renting a smaller apartment allows you to reevaluate belongings you may not need. If you need to consolidate, below are some furniture pieces you can do without when space is an issue.

A Couch

It’s easily one of the largest pieces in the living room. A great alternative to a traditional couch is a love seat or futon because they’re less bulky. Even a few upholstered chairs can be arranged in a way that is both functional and comfortable. Futons are especially great because they can act as a couch by day and a bed at night, maximizing space.

Coffee Table

The purpose of a coffee table is pretty simple; it holds coffee cups, drinks, snacks, frames, magazines, books, and the occasional feet. A coffee table looks great in a room, but it can easily take up valuable space in the apartment. Instead of a big, clunky table, go for a side table. Side tables have the same functionality as a coffee table, but they are smaller and compact. Ottomans are great alternatives too because of their storage capabilities.

Dining Table

Traditional dining room tables are big and take up a lot of space. A bistro set in lieu of a dining table is a good choice for small space homes, because the stools can be pushed under the table, making the room appear less crowded. C-shaped tables slide under the couch and are perfect for renters that don’t mind eating on a sofa.

A Television

Avid movie watchers may want to skip over this suggestion: 86’ the TV. A television can be quite an expense from the monthly electric and cable bill to the cost of the screen. Because a large screen can take up lots of wall space, curl up with a laptop or tablet to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Large Trash Can

You might not realize how much floor space a large trash can consumes. Switch out your 38-50 liter canister for a 10 liter one. These can easily fit inside of a kitchen cabinet or be tucked away into a corner that’s unusable space. You’ll likely have to take out the trash more frequently throughout the week, but it won’t be as strenuous and the stench of trash won’t permeate the apartment.