Snow Daze

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Atlanta Snow 2011

It’s day four of being snowed in. What have I learned so far?

First, my dogs are Southern dogs. The six inches of snow covering the ground is throwing them completely off balance. Sure, we’ve had a half inch or so before, but it usually melts before the dogs have to worry much about it. On Monday morning, I set my Chihuahua down in the snow, where she promptly sank down to the top of her Georgia Bulldogs sweater. She stared at me, without moving, until I picked her up and found a snow-free location under an awning. My pug didn’t fare much better — she refused to touch the snow, so I had to “shovel” a path (we don’t own a snow shovel so I used a dust pan) from the door to a snow-free clearing so her paws would remain dry.

Second, my husband obviously misses his home town of Staten Island, New York. He spent two full days (and quite a bit of one night) out in the snow … grilling, hanging out with the neighbors, throwing snowballs, and “ice skating” around the cul-de-sac. He was having the time of his life in this rare snow event. My younger son was right there with him, while my older son preferred to stay in near the fireplace with me and the dogs.

Another big lesson — don’t underestimate the amount of food necessary to feed two growing boys, and don’t laugh at the people buying up all of the bread and milk in anticipation of the next Atlanta “snowstorm.” We are at a complete standstill — no school for three days and counting, businesses (including stores and malls) shut down, no mail delivery. No flights out of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. I haven’t seen a car leave a driveway in days, and the two-lane road outside my neighborhood (typically busy) is a deserted sheet of ice. We’re out of bread, hovering near empty on the milk, and have a total of three eggs left. Next time, I’m stocking up.

Finally, winterizing is a very good idea. My gazebo collapsed under the weight of the snow and I barely saved the outdoor chandelier that was hanging in there. The pool cover is sagging with a frozen mix of ice and snow and I’m hoping it all thaws before it becomes the next casualty. We’ll also have to invest in a few things I never considered necessary in Georgia, such as a snow shovel, a bag of salt, a generator (we didn’t lose power but the possibility was enough to make me wish for one), and a bag of tricks to keep the kids busy when we are cooped up with each other for several very long days.

The entire country (except for the state of Florida) is covered with a blanket of snow. Snuggle in and keep warm! Spring is just around the corner.