Fun Activities While Snowed In-Apartment Style

Author: Lauren Ross

snowed in

The whistling kettle signals that your tea is ready. You prepare your drink and make your way to the living room and sit comfortably on the couch to watch the evening news. The weather man confirms a snow storm warning in your area and advises all to stay indoors for the night.  As you lay in bed, you dream of the winter wonderland that is forming right outside of your apartment. The following morning, you peer out of your bedroom window to see the new fallen snow gleaming in the winter sun. When you head out for work however, you notice that Jack Frost has dumped more than originally expected—as in, 1/3 of the staircase is covered in snow.  You are advised to stay indoors and work from home for the day.

A snow day can be loads of fun, but when you’re snowed in you can become restless. To keep boredom at a minimum, here are a few activities that you can do solo, with the family, or with roommates in order to beat cabin fever.


Making a delicious dish from scratch is a great way to overcome restlessness. Baking can be a therapeutic and meditative activity when stuck indoors due to bad weather. Tackle a recipe that you have been meaning to try or create homemade comfort foods that you can enjoy with the family. What makes baking even more great (besides the food) is kids can get involved too. When kids get involved in baking or cooking, it enhances their creativity as they turn ordinary ingredients into a culinary masterpiece. If looking for a simple recipe to satisfy a sugary craving, try this fun snow ice cream dessert from All Recipes. It’s a perfect frosty snack to make with the kids!

Build a Blanket Fort

What could be more fun than building a blanket fort? A fort makes a great spot for kids. They can play, color, hold secret mission meetings, or watch their favorite television shows in their own corner of the apartment. If you don’t have kids or just need alone time, think of the blanket fort as your own personal retreat—away from other distractions. You can read a book, flip through a magazine, or watch your favorite television reruns.

Movie Marathon

What a perfect time to start those movies on your Netflix account. A movie marathon with the right snacks is a great way to pass the time. Picking movies with a theme can be fun as well. Try a snow-themed only movie marathon or a summertime adventure theme. Anyway you do it; a movie marathon is an ideal activity for the whole family. For a fun movie-time treat, add M&Ms to a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. It’s the right balance of sweet and salty with exceptional flavor!

Play Games

A game day is a great way to bond with your roomies –and you can find out who is the competitive one in the group! Classics such as Monopoly, Apples to Apples, and Clue can turn a rather boring day inside into a fun and memorable occasion. If you don’t have board games, try a word guessing game such as Charades and get ready for instantaneous laughter.

Spa Day

Treat yourself to a day of rejuvenation with a home spa day! With some light music in the background, enjoy a nice soak in the tub and just focus on you for a bit. Cleanse and tighten your pores with homemade oatmeal facial and an exfoliating sugar body scrub. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with an indulging mani-pedi for the full at home spa experience!

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