Spring Flowers

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Garden with Tulips and Narcissus

Garden of Tulips and Narcissus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally – spring! Ignore that snow on the ground and those downright frigid temperatures – spring begins tomorrow at 7:02 am. While you may not be venturing out in shorts and sandals anytime soon, you can begin bringing hints of spring into your apartment. Spring equals flowers – bright, bold, fragrant blooms are everywhere now, from the delicate buds just emerging from the ground to the fashion runways of New York.

Houseplants are a wonderful way to add color to your apartment, but they also provide health benefits. They remove toxins from the air, improving air quality. They can reduce coughs, sore throats, and fatigue. They decrease dust and improve your mood. They can even reduce insomnia, improve focus, lessen headaches, and help with dry skin. If you have a pet, be careful with the types of houseplants you select – some plants are toxic to pets.

Cut flowers require less commitment than house plants. Just arrange some in a vase filled with water or in an arrangement with florist foam and enjoy. Try using some unusual containers, such as an old-fashioned watering can, an oversized coffee mug, or even a teapot. Once the blooms begin to droop, just throw them out and replace them with fresh flowers.

With your houseplants and cut flowers adding vibrant spring color, do the walls look bland? Wouldn’t it be nice to add a touch of spring color to the walls? You don’t have to paint. A removable wall mural could be just the thing – and it peels away easily when you need to take it down. In addition to a bright, bold wall decal, you can also add floral touches with throw pillows, curtains, and decorative accents to your furniture.

The start of spring begins with vernal equinox – the sun will pass over the equator and the day and night will be nearly the same length. Sure, it may still be a frosty, snow-covered day. Winter isn’t going to slip away quietly just because its reign is finally ending, but that’s okay – it’s still spring! That alone is something to celebrate, so bring your apartment into full bloom with some perky daffodils, cheery tulips, and little touches of sunshine.