Start Planning Your Spring Vegetable Garden

Author: Alecia Pirulis


During winter, when a soft crunch of snow is beneath your feet, a spring garden seems like a distant fantasy. But the winter months are actually the best time to start planning your spring vegetable garden. Decide where you want to locate your garden, decide what types of plants you want to grow, and begin some seeds indoors.

If you’ve never planted a garden before, give it a try! It doesn’t take as much work or space as you might think, and it will save you money on your grocery bill.

First, know your zone. The last frost date for your area is key in letting you know when to plant. Some plants, such as broccoli, can be planted a month before the last frost date. Peas and kale want to be planted four to six weeks before the last frost date. Other spring vegetables that can be planted just before the last frost date include radishes, carrots, lettuce, onions, cabbage, and spinach – basically, everything you’ll need for that fresh spring salad!

If you think you have to have a large space and a lot of time to tend to your garden, think again! A square-foot garden gives you all of the benefits of a large garden in a condensed space. If you prefer a more traditional garden, this small-space garden plan may be the perfect solution. Don’t have a yard? You can still have a container garden – all you need is a sunny patio, deck, or window.

Once you’ve chosen your seeds, decide on a location. You’ll want a sunny spot with good drainage and healthy soil. Turn your soil with a spade or rototiller. Add compost to the soil and plant your seeds. You’ll want to water the new seeds gently and frequently. Weed as necessary and you’ll have freshly picked vegetables in no time!