Sun, Sand, and Summer Vacations

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

There’s a debate raging in my home right now. Lines have been drawn, sides have been taken … declarations have been made. At issue is our annual summer vacation. My husband wants to go back to St. Augustine, where we went last year, to hit the sites we missed last time around. My older son wants to go back to Myrtle Beach, a location we enjoyed four years in a row before deciding to go somewhere different. My younger son wants to go to Orlando to visit the theme parks. Me? I want to go to Charleston.

Granted, each location is great – after all, who can resist the history and legends of St. Augustine, the fun and funky beach vibe of Myrtle Beach, the thrills and spills in Orlando, or the charm and beauty of Charleston? But we have to make a decision, and soon. School is out next week and summer will (unofficially) begin.

I take my summer vacation planning very seriously. After all, spending a good portion of my childhood in Florida – five minutes from the beach and an hour from the theme parks – meant we didn’t travel. Ever. We couldn’t – out-of-town relatives came in waves every summer to visit us because we were, after all, living in the ultimate vacation-land. Now, living in Atlanta, I look forward to my week-long summer getaway … usually. This year, we can’t seem to come to a consensus.

Truthfully, as long as we are near a beach I’m fine with wherever we decide to go. Perhaps I’ll confuse the situation even more and suggest a return to Cumberland Island. An unspoiled beach reachable only by ferry, only 300 visitors per day are allowed on the protected island. Historic ruins, wild horses, and some amazing shelling – what’s not to love? Or maybe I’ll suggest Hilton Head, a gorgeous resort town sprinkled with big hotels and golf courses. Or perhaps we can return to charming Tybee Island, a place where everyone seems to get around by riding bikes or golf carts. Or perhaps the Outer Banks … I’ve always wanted to visit Cape Hatteras.

With so many amazing locations to choose from, it’s no wonder we can’t decide. My solution? I’m going to write each location on a slip of paper and make someone choose … but then, who will get to choose? Maybe we’ll draw straws. Or just let one of the dogs do it.