Swimming Pool Rules for Apartment Residents to Abide by

Author: Lauren Ross


Now that the weather is finally warming up, we’re one step closer to the start of pool season! The summer experience is all about hanging out at the pool.

With many renters using the apartment pool, it’s important to brush up on pool rules and etiquette. Below are some swimming pool rules for apartment residents to abide by to ensure a fun and safe summertime experience.

Obey the Lifeguard

Lifeguards on duty are employed by the management office to enforce pool rules and safety procedures for residents using the pool. Lifeguards are CPR/AED and First Aid certified, and they’re trained to spot distressed swimmers and non-swimmers and take immediate action to ensure their well-being. Be sure to follow their safety instructions as well as the pool rules provided by the apartment community.  Lifeguards are there to enforce rules, observe the pool area, and carryout rescues if the situation arises. Talk with kids about the importance of swimming safely as well as pool rules to ensure a fun time.

Locate and Identify Pool Safety Equipment

It’s important to locate and identify pool safety equipment in the pool area before stepping into the water. If you don’t know what something is, or how it works, ask a professional like a lifeguard or the community manager.  Every resident using the pool should be knowledgeable on the equipment, because you never know when an emergency may occur. Survey the pool area for a first aid kit, life ring or buoy, and rescue can/tube.

Tidy the Space around You

While spending an afternoon at the pool, more than likely you’re going to need snacks and drinks to keep up your energy. Apartment communities have no issues with eating or drinking at the pool, but what’s not fine is leaving the wrappers, cans, boxes, and other trash on pool tables and chairs. Pack a garbage bag in your cooler for trash, and then toss it in the on-site dumpster or a designated trash bin. Pack up all of your pool essentials before you leave, because they may be tossed out during pool cleaning if not collected.

Don’t Pass Along the Pool Code or Key to Non-Residents

Your friends and family mean the world to you, we get that. And you may think it’s no big deal to lend out the pool access code or key to them while you’re away or busy. It may seem like a nice gesture, but it may also go against your lease agreement which could result in eviction. Guests are more than welcome to use the apartment pool when accompanied by a resident.

Hygiene Care and Appropriate Apparel is a Must

It’s common courtesy to rinse off before going into the pool. If you just applied sunblock or tanning oil, wait for it to absorb into your skin and completely dry before hopping in and out of the nearby shower – you don’t want the lotion to wash off.

Kindly remember that the pool is a community pool, not your private pool. Therefore, appropriate swimwear is much appreciated and strictly enforced by apartment managers and landlords.

Watch Over Children

Kids love the pool; it allows them to have fun with friends while burning off tons of energy! With that being said, children get excited about the pool and tend to forget rules and pool etiquette. Remind kids to play nice with others, be mindful of other swimmers, and to not run on the deck.  Also, when at the pool, keep a watchful eye on kids as they play in or out of the water.

Lower Music

While listening to your favorite pool playlist, keep the music down to a reasonable level out of respect for others. If you have songs on your iPod or phone that may make others feel uncomfortable, or are inappropriate to play around kids, bring headphones.  If someone continues to listen to loud music after repeated requests to turn it down, notify the apartment staff to remind them of pool rules.

Utilize Apartment Pool Restrooms

When nature calls, you have to go – just NOT in the pool! Many apartment communities have bathrooms located near the pool and gym for convenience. Children who are potty-training should be in swim diapers when at the pool. Locate the nearby restrooms and then show your family where they are.

These are just a few swimming pool rules for apartment residents to adhere to when having some summertime fun! Be on the lookout for the pool’s opening day in your community as well as their 2016 pool rules. If you’re at the pool and see a resident not following the rules, alert the apartment manager or landlord immediately, as it can greatly affect everyone’s safety.