Ten Great Gifts for Grads

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Graduation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of year again … a long, lazy summer is just on the horizon. That means apartment complex pools are opening, flowers are in full bloom, and the warm sun reigns over a clear blue sky, punctuated only by a few wispy clouds – and the occasional sporadic bursts of square hats and tassels. It’s graduation season! Graduations mean gifts – here are ten ideas for what to get the grad in your life (or if you are the grad, things you might want to drop hints for!).

1. Win “Best Gift-Giver Ever” status with a laptop that is not only ideal for studying but is also great for gaming.

2. A television works for a dorm room or a new apartment — consider a smart TV that features Wi-Fi and apps.

3. The ideal gift for the high school grad going to college? Speakers, of course! Think small, portable, and wireless – and of course, it should have great sound for all of those parties.

4.  If the latest-and-greatest gadget is out of your price range, consider an app – for the college grad, there are apps to help with presentations, spreadsheets, and reports. For the high school grad, they can create a virtual library or even take college courses.

5. The ideal (and practical!) gift for the college grad is a nice suit for job interviews. If you can’t afford the entire suit, how about a nice tie for him or a blouse for her? Or, consider cufflinks, a watch, or other accessories.

6. For the high school grad who loves all things geek, ThinkGeek.com has many great gifts, including messenger bags (The Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Messenger Bag is sure to be a major hit at the graduation party!) and the unique and useful Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard will wow his dorm-mate.

7. Looking for something impressive but affordable? Give the grad a personalized T-shirt, a button, or even a mug.

8. High school graduates will need lots of stuff for their dorm rooms, and DormCo.com has it all – posters, rugs, organizers, trunks, bedding, and dorm-sized fridges.

9. College graduates moving into their first apartment will probably need some furniture and décor, as well – consider accessories, rugs, dishware, or even a bookcase or end table.

10. Finally, give them something practical and beautiful – a custom diploma frame! High school and college graduates alike will want to hang their diploma and show off their success. Also consider giving a shadow box, where they can display college mementos.