Kid Craft Ideas For Thanksgiving Day

Author: Lauren Ross

Children Doing Arts And Crafts

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion when family and friends get together to enjoy a gracious meal surrounded by their loved ones. As you prepare for the arrival of family, you might be strapped on kid-friendly activities for the children. Don’t worry, here are some great kid craft ideas to keep them entertained and be a part of the holiday fun!

A simple and fun way to give thanks is to set up a Thankful Tree for your little ones. Have your children write something they are thankful for everyday and hang it on the tree. On Thanksgiving Day, have them read what they wrote to the group…simple as that. You can use real house plants or build your own using large bulletin board paper.

Making turkey hats is a fantastic way to get the kids to bond. All you would need to do is to cut the turkey patterns and measure the heads so that the hat will fit properly.

This is a great classroom and party activity, because the children get to be as creative as they would like and can use buttons, glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers etc. to make their own brilliant turkey hat.

Do you like to make place cards? Well, the kids table needs place cards too! Have your kids help with the tablescape by making place cards for their friends and cousins. Stuffed Reese’s Pieces turkeys are cute and very kid-friendly.

During dinner (or lunch) you can keep the children entertained by providing them a place to color. Instead of a table cloth, place long parchment paper over the table and set out crayons. They can eat, draw, and be merry while you enjoy the savory home cooked  meal. Just in case the kids aren’t into pumpkin or sweet potato pie for dessert, try a sundae or cupcake bar instead. Here they can create their own dessert using candy corn, candy pumpkin, Reese’s pieces, M&M’s etc.