The Clutter Wars

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Spring Cleaning

It never fails. As soon as the temperatures begin to hint at 70 degrees, I’m ready to start organizing and revamping my space. Sure, it’s only the end of February and cold days are still ahead (especially during the wildly unpredictable month of March), but I’m already planning my spring cleaning.

My first priority is my closet. I confess – I’m a bit of a shopaholic. I love sales and can’t pass up a bargain. I especially love it when the sales clerk circles my “total amount saved” – it justifies those skirts and sweaters I really didn’t need. As a result of this bargain-hunting, my closet is out of space. My hangers have staged a revolt and refuse to budge to allow any more new items in. And, some items purchased spur-of-the-moment last year (I know I’ll never wear it — but it is 80 percent off!) have ended up tossed on closet shelves, tags still on, camouflaged by photo frames and boxes of memorabilia. It is time to stop the madness and reclaim my closet space from the army of fabric that has taken over.

My next priority is my kitchen. I have another vice that shows up here – antiques. Specifically, antique roosters and hens-on-nests. They are everywhere – countertops, shelves, pantry – when preparing dinner can only be accomplished by strategic maneuvers around ceramic roosters and glass hens, it is time to free up space. Storage containers in every shape and form – some with lids, many without – attack by leaping off the shelves every time I open the cupboard, so those will have to be dealt with, as well. I also need to clean out the refrigerator and tackle the oven, which is reeling from the after-affects of a winter baking blitz.

Sure, there are other areas I’ll need to address, but these two spaces are the first targets in my spring cleaning campaign. Once I’ve corralled the worst of my clutter, the rest will be easy. If you haven’t thought about spring cleaning yet, take a look around your apartment and see where your trouble spots are. Reclaim your space now, and the wildly eccentric month of March can happily spin around your calm, controlled oasis.