The Color of Spring

Author: Alecia Pirulis


The Academy Awards are ostensibly about movies, but the night on the red carpet is all about fashion. It is the only place a person can ask, “Who are you wearing?” and get away with it. On the doorstep of spring, these fashions are a bellwether of the new “it” colors. This year, eye-popping color is apparently in. The stars wore brilliant oranges, regal plums, delicate lavenders, warm corals, and rich blues.

Start bringing spring into your apartment by borrowing some of these color trends: deep plum throw pillows to liven up your couch or a coral accent wall will go a long way to chasing away the cold chill of winter. Warm up your dining room with a colorful centerpiece on the table or a new painting on the wall.

According to Pantone, the color of the year is honeysuckle. While you might not want to paint an entire room in this shocking shade of dark pink, a throw for the couch or a wooden chair painted this brilliant color may be just enough of a splash to liven up your living space. Too much of a commitment? Liven up your table with an arrangement of dark pink roses, pink hydrangeas, and lilies—the perfect pop of color and completely disposable.

Cheer up your bathroom with a new shower curtain or some brightly-hued towels. In the bedroom, change out your heavy winter comforter with an airy spring quilt in a rich, trendy color. Or, put the color under your feet in a few bold throw rugs.

If you don’t want to spend a lot or if you are quickly bored, I found an easy solution to getting a fresh look for the season in my dining room: plate racks. Hang these decorative and handy items on your walls then switch up the plates depending on the season or your mood – I have holiday plates, spring plates with bird and flower designs, some solid blues and greens for summer, and some orange and gold autumn-inspired designs. I like finding plates at garage sales because they are both unique and inexpensive.

We’re on the cusp of my favorite season! Gardens will soon be in full bloom, and it is almost camping and hiking weather. It is nearly time to pack away the heavy coats in favor of spring raincoats. While out enjoying the sunny days ahead, take your camera with you. Capture a few images of the blooms, birds, and budding trees and take them to a photo center to have them enlarged to poster-size and hang them in your living room – it’s the perfect way to bring spring–and color–into your apartment.