The Finest Wine and Cheese Bars in Near North Side

Author: Lauren Ross

Different French Cheeses With Red Wine

There’s an art to pairing wine and cheese. Many experts and connoisseurs say to take into consideration the acidity, texture, fat and moisture content when finding a cheese to compliment a wine. Finding a harmonious balance can be tricky, but luckily, there are restaurants – and online charts – that have done the work for us.

Chicago is a foodie city that has a number of exquisite wine and cheese bars, with many just a block or two from your apartment. Looking for a late-night place to wine and dine among friends? Below are three wine and cheese bars in and around Near North Side that are serving exceptional cheese and wine varieties.

694 Wine and Spirits

694 Wine and Spirits is located in River West, close to Near North Side. This wine and cheese bar is cozy, eclectic, and fun. Inside of 694 Wine and Spirits, you can find attractive exposed brick walls, adorned with art deco-pop art inspired paintings by local artists. The menu at 694 is top-notch, and features a well-defined list of red, white, sweet blend, and bubbly wines. Pair your wine of choice with a cheese platter, ranging from creamy and soft cheese to downright stinky – yes, stinky cheese. Another shareable item to consider at 694 Wine and Spirits is the charcuterie platter. This platter is prepared with cold cuts by the famous Salumi Artisan shop in Seattle.  694’s cozy ambiance and great menu makes it a perfect spot to hang with friends. Enjoy your meal and wine under the stars on their beautiful rooftop patio!


When you step into Eno, you’re instantly greeted by the warm, intimate ambiance of a wine cellar. In fact, Eno is a wine cellar – just look at all the wine it has on display next time you go in! Eno is located on North Michigan Avenue, inside the InterContinental Hotel.  The bar specializes in a trio tasting experience, where guests can indulge in three culinary pleasures: cheese, wine, and chocolate.  Eno’s cheese platters are served on a marble slab, accompanied by dried fruits, honey, and nuts, along with a description card about the cheese and its origin. The wine selections at Eno are just as superb, and they come from all over the globe. Wine is served by a glass, bottle, or flight, and includes a description card, too. The warm and inviting ambiance makes Eno an ideal after-work hang out spot.

Pops for Champagne

Pops for Champagne is a playground of bubbly goodness! This wine and cheese bar houses over 200 brands of champagne and sparkling wine. Additionally, it has an incredibly diverse menu. A popular choice among patrons is the charcuterie and cheese platter, where you choose from an assortment of seasonal cured meat and cheese. Because of its intimate atmosphere and chic décor, Pops for Champagne is a great spot to have a date or meet up with friends on a Saturday night.