The Top Ten Top Ten Lists of 2010

Author: Alecia Pirulis


They’re everywhere. You can’t open a magazine, a website, or turn on a TV or radio without seeing or hearing at least one. Top 10 lists have invaded, and will be around long after (well, a couple of months or so) the confetti has been tossed and the champagne toasted. And, as this is the end of a decade, you can expect a bonus treat this year: decade-in-review lists. So, to join in the fun, here’s my list of the top 10 Top 10 Lists I’ve come across so far:

10. The Most Retweeted Tweets of 2010. The tweets heard ‘round the world! And, yes, they are still tweet-worthy.

9. Baby Names! We all want to know what the “hot” and “not” baby names were for 2010. Don’t we?

8.’s top ten list naming the 10 dirtiest hotels was enough to make me say, “eew!”

7. Some odd-looking critters were discovered in 2010! Here’s a list of the top 10 new species.

6. People magazine’s entire Best of 2010 section was worth a look. Laugh at Lady Gaga’s meat dress one more time, for nostalgia’s sake, with their list of the 10 Most Outrageous Outfits.

5. Nobody knows movies like Roger Ebert: his list of the best films of 2010 easily makes the list.

4. On the flip side, IMDB shares a list of the biggest movie disappointments.

3. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and Time Magazine’s Pictures of the Year 2010 says it all.

2. Get some tissues handy before you view this video: the Red Cross You Tube video Photos of the Decade.

1. For a complete look at the ups and downs of the first decade of the new millennium, check out Newsweek’s Decade in Rewind.

Happy New Year!