Three Cheers for Fall

Author: Alecia Pirulis

autumn leaves

Fall is right around the corner. The other morning, I was positive the air was slightly cooler. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking – it has been a hot summer and now that the kids are back in school, I am ready for my favorite season.

Autumn is great. The kids head back to school with new shoes and shiny new backpacks, the leaves begin to turn from lively green to a vivid pallet of fiery red and brilliant orange, football season begins, and I get to put away the vases of seashells and focus on bringing bright fall colors into my home.

It’s (almost) time to warm things up a bit. Put away the breezy blue and whites of summer and embrace the orange, gold, copper, and red of the fall season. Get the comfy throws out of storage and add some inviting throw pillows to your space. Autumn is all about cozy – it’s cool evenings with hot apple cider and a great book (or e-reader for the techies). It’s your favorite football jersey and fuzzy socks. It’s your little one’s open house or your own first day back on campus. It’s baking cookies to warm the kitchen and buying kitschy handmade crafts at fall festivals.

Bring the season in to your apartment this year by adding a few touches of the latest colors. The trend this year is definitely toward the natural – green, eco-friendly materials, stone, and earth tones. I’m excited about the new colors and textures this season, but I have one small problem – space. Specifically, storage space.

I’m organizing a garage sale so I can clear some of the clutter out of my home because, well, I’m running out of room to store things. If you’d like to have a yard sale, contact your apartment manager and ask about organizing a community-wide sale. It is a great way to meet your neighbors, and multi-family garage sales tend to draw bigger crowds.

And if it isn’t in your budget to purchase new items, try using items from nature. Leaves, branches, pumpkins and squashes are all great for decorating. Or, try making some seasonal items of your own. If you begin now, you’ll have your whole apartment season-ready just in time for your first football party.