Three Ways to Convert a Spare Bedroom

Author: Lauren Ross


Depending on the situation, a spare bedroom in the apartment can either be a blessing or painful reminder of those who previously occupied the room. If you had a roommate who just didn’t do his/her part and decided to move out, you may see the vacated room as a new opportunity to try your hand at living alone.

If the youngest child just moved out to live in an apartment near school, an empty bedroom could bring a bout of sadness every time you come home. Instead of looking at an empty room day after day, convert that spare bedroom into a space just for your passions.

Here are three unique ideas to get you started.

A Dressing Room

A closet is nice, but a walk-in is even better. You know what’s better than a traditional walk-in? A dressing room inside your very own apartment!

Converting a spare bedroom into your own fantastic space will take some creativity of course – but the end result will be totally worth it! To prepare the room, paint the walls a modern color that will inspire and pay homage to the fashionistas of the world. You’ll also need a floor-length mirror, small chandelier or light pendants, as well as a cool ottoman for seating while trying on shoes.

Be sure that you have plenty of storage for accessories, handbags, shoes, jewelry and clothes. If you need more, simply head to a retailer for garment racks, shoe racks, and accessory bins. Fashion and designer-style photos will also make the room feel more special.

A Sewing Room

Renters that like to sew and hem will dig having a sewing room at home. When setting up the room, provide yourself with ample workspace.

You’ll also want to have a peg board for organizing the room; they’re great for categorizing spools of yarn and ribbon, as well as other small items. Look for office desks that can fit your sewing machine and that have room for measuring fabric. Desks with cabinets are great for storing sewing essentials, such as buttons, sewing and crochet needles, scissors, cross-stitch hoops, etc.

How you style your sewing room is up to you. If you’re going to paint, stay within a color range that is both calming and inspirational for work. Because you will likely do a lot of sitting, find a supportive desk chair. You want to have good lighting in your sewing space, along with plenty of storage. Whether as decoration or a needed tool for design, be sure to have a dress form/mannequin in the room.

A Media Room

A media room or home theater in your apartment doesn’t have to be just a dream – it can be accomplished. A large, flat screen television is a great way to view movies, but so is a projector and an empty wall. If you broadcast your show using a projector, be sure the wall color is a neutral tone so it doesn’t distort the image.

As for seating, consider one or two reclining chairs with cup holders for the ultimate theater experience. Or, simply add a futon or loveseat for an intimate setting. The lighting in the media room should be dim, so everyone can enjoy the show and see more clearly. Even though surround sound is part of the movie-going experience, be courteous of your neighbors and let them know of your plans in advance.