Throw an Outdoor Party for Your Graduate

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Graduation (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

It’s that season again! Students are graduating from college and high school – and even from middle school, elementary school, and kindergarten. Luckily, it’s also a great time of year to throw an outdoor party! Instead of trying to host in your apartment, have it outdoors. You’ll have plenty of space for all of your guests, you don’t have to worry about noise, and clean-up will be minimal.

If you don’t have a rentable clubhouse/pool area at your apartment complex, start researching nearby parks. Look for a park that offers pavilions and outdoor grills. Be sure the park you choose has restroom facilities – not all parks do, so make sure. Also, a park with amenities such as a beach, lake, volleyball or basketball court, horseshoes, or disc golf will help guests keep busy while you are at the grill. Once you find the ideal park, ask about rental fees – most picnic pavilions can be reserved for a small fee.

Now, plan some entertainment – music, outdoor games, and if you are near the beach or lake, perhaps some inflatable rafts or a beach ball. If you are celebrating a kindergarten graduate or there will be a lot of young children at the party, try to find a park with a playground. Or, if you prefer, organize some games and activities for them, as well.

Pack your gear – coolers with drinks, paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, paper cups, etc. Also, bring a first-aid kit with Band-aids and tweezers, sunscreen, and bug spray. Everyone should bring their own sunscreen and insect repellant, but have some extra on-hand because someone is sure to forget. Pack whatever you plan to grill, your side dishes, desserts, the celebratory cake, and snacks. Bring some trash bags, as well. There should be trash containers near the pavilion, but having a few extra bags will come in handy. (Remember: leave no trace.)

Since this big, outdoor party (whether at your apartment complex pool or at a nearby park) is celebrating a graduate, don’t forget the gifts!