Throwing a Mother’s Day Picnic Lunch for Mom

Author: Lauren Ross


I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Mother’s Day just happens to fall within the most beautiful time of spring. Mom should feel special on her well-deserved day – and what better way to say “I love you, mom!” than hosting a picnic lunch in her honor? Allow mama to select the site of the picnic lunch, like a park or her favorite spot on the beach, where you both can relax and enjoy some quality time together.

Taking mom out on a Mother’s Day picnic lunch is an excellent alternative to brunch. The National Restaurant Association has stated that Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year in the restaurant industry – which means it’s probably next to impossible to secure a reservation at a restaurant at the last minute.

Instead of reservations, host a picnic for mom! Below are some ideas on how to throw the perfect Mother’s Day picnic lunch!

Create a guest list.

Before you start the prepping and baking, make sure you know the confirmed guest count for the Mother’s Day picnic lunch. You and mom, of course, will be in attendance – but extend the invite to siblings as well so they can help make mom’s day even more special. You might also want to include those who you consider to be like a second mom, such as a grandma, aunt, or mother in-law. Whether the invitation is sent by text or email, be sure to include the name of the location, the address, and when the picnic lunch will begin.

Plan an easy, delicious Mother’s Day picnic menu.

After confirming the number of guests, you can start planning the menu for the Mother’s Day picnic. A light, no-fuss meal is always an excellent choice for a picnic lunch outside in the park or on the beach. Make sure the food is something that everyone can enjoy, especially the guest of honor, mom.

Here’s my menu suggestion for a Mother’s Day picnic lunch:

Appetizer: Pita, carrot sticks and red pepper hummus

Main Course: Turkey caprese sandwich on toasted ciabatta

Side Dish: Apple and pecan arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette

Dessert: Vanilla cupcakes with fresh raspberries

Beverages: Bottled/sparkling water and homemade mimosas

The menu items you select should be easy to transport from the kitchen to the car to the picnic spot, and make sure everything has been packaged properly to avoid spills. As for the bread, toast it in the oven a few hours before the picnic and wrap it in foil to remain warm.

Set the scene!

Just like a formal dinner party, a picnic lunch wouldn’t be the same without a fun and festive “table” setting. Look around your apartment for an over-sized blanket and a large woven picnic basket to place the food in. If the blanket is looking a little shabby, spruce it up by tossing it into the wash with fabric softener.

The setting will look great with colorful, springtime plastic cups, plates, and cutlery; they will add style to the tablescape and are recyclable. Last but not least, don’t forget a floral arrangement for the centerpiece to make Mother’s Day extra special for mom.

Finding that special gift.

A bouquet of flowers or a piece of fine jewelry will make any mother’s heart melt. You know your mom best, so go with your gut when looking for the perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day.

Apartment Finder, the go-to resource for apartment hunters, wishes all moms and mother figures a Happy Mother’s Day!