Tips for Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

Author: Alecia Pirulis

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Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to switch out the cool summer decorations in your apartment for some fall decor that will set the mood as the leaves start to change. There are so many different colors and seasonal decorations that will make your apartment the most festive in your complex! Here are some tips to get your apartment ready for the fall!

Color is important

The difference between winter, spring, summer and fall are the colors. Think of Easter colors compared to Halloween and Thanksgiving colors; fall has darker colors compared to the light colors of the spring. Change your table settings to match the colors of the season, such as orange and brown napkins and darker colored dishes. Don’t mix bright blues and greens in with your dark autumn colors, stick with shades of yellow, orange and red.

Red is an abundant color during the fall and it is probably the most important color in the autumn pallet. It is a bold, attractive color to the eye and pulls people’s attention. Brown is an earthy color, which would make sense why the color is associated with the transitional period between summer and winter.

Everyone loves the scent of fall

Scents are useful when decorating your apartment, especially in the fall. There are many distinguishable autumn scents that will have your apartment smelling crisp and cozy.

One way you can achieve a great fall scented apartment is with scented candles. Try putting a pumpkin spice, apple pie or cinnamon candle in the middle of your living room and your apartment will smell just like the season!

Nowadays, everybody is going after the pumpkin spice products, especially coffee drinkers. Even though it can be seen as cliche, it’s really the best scent and flavor of fall. It has a great taste that goes great in a latte, and the pumpkin spice aroma is amazing combined with coffee!

Now is the perfect time to start baking autumn foods such as pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, apple pies and anything with cinnamon, and your apartment’s aroma will be feeling cozy before you know it!

Bring nature to your apartment

What is the first thing you think of when you think of fall? Leaves? Pumpkins? Weirdly shaped gourds? Personally, I think of the classic cornucopia that sits on my dinner table up through Thanksgiving.

These are all great decorations that will set the mood for the upcoming season. You can easily add in some fall, by decorating your apartment with pumpkins and other gourds. Even if you don’t plan on carving them, they still make great centerpieces for the fall.

When the leaves start to change colors, that’s when fall is at its best. Bring the color change to your apartment with an autumn colored wreath. This is a quick way to transition to fall, and most general and craft stores have wreaths all year round.

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