Toolbox Basics: 7 Tools Every Renter Should Have on Hand

Author: Lauren Ross


Just like any house, apartments too need regular maintenance and care. Things break or come loose all the time, so it’s ideal to have an equipped toolbox on hand that can handle a quick fix or repair. Not sure what kind of tools to buy for small home improvement projects? Below, you’ll find the tools every renter should have in their toolbox; if and when, they need to upgrade, repair, or decorate the apartment home:

Hammer: If you plan on decorating your walls with picture frames, paintings, or floating shelves, you should invest in a hammer right away. A hammer is a useful and versatile tool to have in your apartment, because it can help tackle a decorating project – like the ones listed above – or assemble furniture.

Level: Invest in a level to keep your framed art from sloping on the walls. A level is a great tool for renters to have, since it allows you to center and align wall decor.

Screwdriver: A tool as simple as a screwdriver can be a renter’s best friend, when it comes to home improvement. From tightening the bathroom cabinet knob to piecing together a TV stand, you will find that a screwdriver comes in quite handy around the apartment home. To be better prepared for fixes and upgrades, make sure you get a set that has both Philips and flatheads in various sizes.

Measuring Tape:  A tape measure is a lifesaver, when purchasing a new sofa or appliance. When I bought my washer and dryer set, I was relieved that I had measured the width of the front and laundry room doorway before making the purchase – I would have been heartbroken if I had to send it back because it was too big to get through the door. Not only is it a handy tool to have in your apartment when figuring out which furniture or appliance to buy, it’s also useful for putting up curtains or spacing out artwork on the walls.

Adjustable Wrench: You’ll be glad you have a wrench when there is a leaky bathroom faucet or a loose wheel on your bicycle. Wrenches are useful for tightening nuts and bolts on various things around your apartment – so make sure you have one in your toolbox!

Utility Knife: Keeping a utility knife in the apartment is handy for many tasks. If you’re moving, you can use it to cut open boxes.  A utility knife will also be helpful to cut string for strapping down furniture in a truck as well as trimming household plants.

Step Ladder: Although it can’t fit in the toolkit, a step ladder is an invaluable tool for home improvement tasks.  Renters will find a step ladder useful for changing the batteries in smoke detectors, hanging décor higher up on walls, and vacuuming dust and cobwebs from ceilings. And around the holidays, I find it very convenient to string Christmas lights around the top of the tree!