Top Dog Breeds for Apartment Life

Author: Lauren Ross

Living in a 650 sq. foot apartment doesn’t mean your dreams to adopt have to fall by the wayside. Many complexes are pet friendly communities and understand the joy of owning a furry-companion. If you are looking to adopt, here is a list of the top 10 Best Breeds that fit the apartment living lifestyle (some may surprise you)! Before you adopt, ask your leasing management of any weight restrictions, breed restrictions, pet deposit fees, or additional pet rent fees that need to be addressed. Check out your local humane society, animal shelter, or rescue group and help an animal find their new forever-home!

English Bulldog: Don’t let that buff stature fool you! English bulldogs are among the sweetest and gentlest of breeds. They make great pets for apartment dwellers due to their size, low-maintenance grooming, and minimal exercise requirements. Two small walks a day will meet the standard requirement for exercise, and you can bet that they will later be found napping on your couch! English bulldogs make for great family pets and are wonderful around small kids.

Boston Terrier: The Boston terrier is described as “The American Gentleman” for their even-tempered mannerisms and their well-defined tuxedo markings. These little guys are lovers, not fighters. However, males may be more territorial – thanks to their terrier ancestry! Their affection makes them great family pets and well suited for apartment life. Boston terriers require a moderate amount of exercise, so a couple of walks a day should suffice.

Greyhound: Yes! – You heard correctly! Greyhounds make great apartment companions due to their calm temperament. The assumption that Greyhounds are racing dogs and need a ton of daily exercise is valid, but not the whole truth. In reality, Greyhounds only need the occasional walking (they prefer snuggle time with you). I guess that’s how they got the nickname “45-mph-couch-potato!” If your complex has a dog park, or you live fairly close to one, you can take your pup there for some playtime. Grooming requirements are low and shedding is kept to a minimum!

Havanese: The Havanese makes for a great apartment dog because they won’t wake the neighbors! They are highly active indoors so quality playtime is encouraged, and only the occasional walking is needed. This breed likes to be kept pretty, so steady grooming is a must. The Havanese is a very social animal and is good with other people and pets.

Tibetan Spaniel: Tibetans are very loyal and need to be with their owners. Their tiny frame makes them a perfect pet for a small-space living environment. They enjoy playtime and require moderate exercise and grooming. Tibetan spaniels are friendly when company is over, but may need to be introduced when strangers are invited in.

Pug: Who doesn’t love that smushed face? Pugs are definitely affectionate pups with gentle souls.  They will stay by your side and are highly active indoors. Pugs are subject to breathing issues so the apartment should be kept at a cool and comfortable temperature. They are great around children and require moderate exercise. Note: Pugs are snorers!

Mastiff: That’s right! These guys may be large, but they are gentle giants with lots of love to give. Mastiffs are a family pet and take the role of protector in the family. They make an exceptional apartment pet because of their calm and gentle nature. Mastiffs are a fairly quiet breed and most content lying on the sofa, but they do need to be taken out for daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Note: Mastiffs drool so keep some antibacterial wipes handy!

Chihuahua: The all-around perfect apartment sized dog!  The Chihuahua is an active indoor breed and requires plenty of playtime. If your schedule does not allow time for long play-dates, then daily walks can meet the exercise requirement. Keep in mind if you have thin walls, Chihuahuas are talkers and may be heard from within the neighbor’s home.

French Bulldog: The Frenchie, as they are so often called, is another great breed to consider adding to your household! These little guys are laid-back and require minimal exercise.  The Frenchie is another breed that is susceptible to breathing problems, so they must be kept in a cooler home. If you are looking for a quiet, easy-maintenance pup, a Frenchie may be the right fit!

Dachshund: Dachshunds are ideal apartment animals as they are adaptable to most living environments.  The breed does well with families that have older children. They are clever, proud, and affectionate dogs that will keep you on your toes! Dachshunds require small daily walks and quality playtime to help maintain a consistent weight.  Keep your neighbors in mind as Dachshunds love to bark!