Unforgettable Apartment Painting Tips

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Cans and paint on the blue background

Deciding how to paint your apartment is a major decision.  Luckily, painting is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to jazz up your space and really make it feel like home. At Sharper Impressions Painting, we have over 23 years of experience in painting services, giving us a wealth of knowledge.

There are many aspects that need to be considered before you paint your apartment, including the color palette, cost, and painting time frame. If you do not have much experience with painting, these notable tips will get you off to a great start. We have been making paint stick since 1992 and it is our goal to ensure that we help save you time, money, and costly errors.

Pick a Color Scheme that You Love

The first step to painting your apartment is choosing a color that you won’t regret. Studies have shown that most people paint their apartment every 1-2 years, so you should be sure to choose colors that you will be happy seeing for this period of time. Think about how you want each room in your apartment to function. Colors have the ability to influence moods and bring warmth and style to your living areas.

Think about the lighting throughout your apartment. Consider cooler colors in darker rooms and warmer colors in the rooms that collect a lot of natural light. Also, think about choosing colors that will coordinate with your floors, window treatments, décor and personal taste.

Always Paint a Test Patch Before Making a Decision

Before making your final color decision, it is highly recommended that you paint a test patch on the wall and live with the color in your home for a few days. There’s nothing worse than painting an entire room and realizing that you hate the color the next day. Making this huge mistake can be easily avoided with one or two color try-on cans for about $8 each. It can be fun and entertaining to test and try different colors with friends and family in order to figure out what works best for you.  Simply put, you cannot accurately envision how a color will look in a room based on a small color swatch.

Keep Costs in Mind

Just like everything else, painting your apartment is an investment, and you’ll want to make a smart investment. Factors including the size of your apartment, the amount of rooms you are painting, and the quality of the paint you choose will impact the price. It is worthwhile to choose a high quality interior paint in order to ensure that the paint will be fade-resistant and durable to handprints and bumps.  If you hire a professional, expect to pay about $250 per average room for turnkey painting.  If you do it yourself, expect to spend a weekend and about $80 in materials.

You should also consider your move-out date.  All property owners paint apartments when a tenant leaves.  They choose neutral flat whites and you don’t want to lose part of your deposit, because multiple coats were needed to cover up your color selections.

Think About What Time Frame You Can Work With

Getting ready to paint your apartment requires preparation such as spending time clearing out furniture and taking down artwork. You should consider inconveniences such as not having much access to your living room or kitchen during the painting process. Your best bet? Get your colors chosen and paint on your walls prior to moving in.

Choose Accent Colors

Once you make a final decision on a color scheme, you’ll need to pick out accent trim colors for windows, ceilings, and doors. A popular and almost always safe choice is a white or off-white trim, but it can be fun to get creative and choose colors that complement well with your color palette. Trim colors are easy to overlook, but they can add a lot of personality and character to a room.

Consider Your Furniture

Whether you plan on purchasing new furniture or keeping your old furniture, think about what role your furniture will play in each room. You will want your new paint job to coordinate well with whatever furniture and decor will be in the room. Base color selections off of the items you already have in/for your apartment, as paint is temporary, but your furniture is likely to remain much longer.

Be Patient!

All home projects take longer than you expect.  While you may be excited to immediately show off your freshly painted apartment to friends and family, it is important to be patient and allow ample time for you to complete the project and let the paint cure. You should wait at least the recommended time the paint can says between coats and budget time for clean-up. Once all of the coats are finished, you can move your furniture back in and enjoy the room again.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

A beautiful new painting job is thrilling, but it is not the complete end of the road. It is important to save some of the extra paint in a cool and dry place.  Then, when the inevitable bump, scratch, nick, or dent occurs, you can easily touch up those spots with the same exact color you used originally.

Now that you know these painting tips, get started and pick out colors!  Maybe you’ve been putting off painting for a while, but now may be a better time than ever to revamp your apartment. Showing off your beautifully painted space to guests and enjoying the fruits of your labor is the fun part.

Geoff Sharp, the founder of Sharper Impressions Painting, wrote this article. Sharper Impressions Painting has over 23 years of interior and exterior painting experience for home owner association boards and property managers.