What Millennials Love About Swimming Pools at Their Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Young beautiful girl listening music on wooden bridge

Now that summer is right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about one of the best parts of summer: swimming pools. Not every apartment building is lucky enough to have a swimming pool, but tenants love those that do for several reasons.

Swimming pools not only cool you off on the hottest days of summer, but they also bring people together and contribute to a great summer season that we all hate to see come to an end. Here’s why millennials love having access to a swimming pool all summer long.

Spending time with friends

 Swimming pools are great in that they are an easy way to bring people together. Everyone loves to hang out by the pool on a hot summer day and will rarely turn down the invitation. You can host your friends on the weekends and relax by the pool together.

Whether or not your guests are interested in swimming, friends can lay out, listen to music, enjoy food and drinks, and enjoy summer in each other’s company.

Perfect backdrop for a barbeque or potluck

 Once you’ve gathered all of your friends, a swimming pool is a great location for a summer barbecue filled with hot dogs and burgers. Barbecue attenders can dip their feet in the pool and stay cool. Summer is about spending time outdoors and by the pool is a great setting.

A potluck by the pool is also a great summer idea and allows guests to bring their best recipes, ending up with a delicious feast for all!

 Great tanning location

 Even though there is always the option to tan in a backyard or sunny area without a pool, it is always so much better to have access to a pool on the hottest of days.

Swimming pools create the perfect combo for your tanning and swimming needs, and a swimming pool offers great summer scenery too.

 Relax in the comfort of where you live

 Sometimes a hard day at work can stress you out or make you upset, but being able to come home at the end of the day and catch the last afternoon rays by the pool can make everything better.

Being able to do this right by your home is even better! The pool is relaxing and will always be there for you on the most stressful of days.

 Cost effective apartment amenity

 Having a swimming pool available at your own apartment building is a huge amenity. It keeps tenants from having to belong to an outside pool, which can be expensive.

Of course the best part is the proximity, the pool is accessible to you right from where you live and you’ll never have to drive to another crowded public pool again!

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