Color Psychology: What Your Paint Color Says About You

Author: Lauren Ross

Legs of woman standing on tiptoe on stepladder with paint can an

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a specific color? Or why you lean toward a certain color palette? The fact is we are attracted to colors that resemble our personality! Learn what your paint color says about you, with this easy color guide.

Jewel tones have an exotic flair and look great inside an apartment home. If you’re attracted to colors like ruby, topaz, and sapphire, then you most likely have a vivacious personality with an eye for the finer things in life! The richness in jewel tones emits lush, romantic room vibes.  To keep the colors unified in a jewel-inspired space, look for accessories with neutral undertones or similarly intense shades. This way, you can create stability within the room or enhance the wow-factor with striking furniture pieces, respectively.

Cool color tones are inspired by nature, such as coastlines, waterfalls, and grassy plains. If your apartment is decorated with soft blues, mild greens, and gentle purples, then you’re most likely the mellow, easy-going type. Your ideal home is one that is serene, and a place to unwind at the end of a long day. Soft tones tend to make the room appear larger and are easier on the eyes.  Accessories that have elements of brown, muted yellows, and hints of orange will keep the room fresh and inviting.

Apartment renters and owners that decorate with warm colors are often described as inviting and welcoming. Shades of orange, red, pink, and yellow are used to create an entertaining space. If you want to add some balance to the room, then turn to accessories that are either a blue-gray tone or green. These cool colors will tone down the heat of the room without losing its charm!

Neutral colors create a crisp, clean look to any room. Individuals drawn to beige, ivory, white, and gray are described as more content and practical. Neutral tones are very versatile, especially with accessories and home décor.  Make your space “pop” by adding a couple of bright throw pillows and a rug. Or, play up light and dark tones for a more sophisticated look.