Quick Tips to Protect Your Apartment from Winter Storms

Author: Lauren Ross


The winter months can be hard on everyone when it comes to the weather. Although the snow can transform your surroundings into a winter wonderland, it can be just as dangerous too. As we move into blizzard season, we need to be prepared on how to brace for the bad weather. With these tips, you can protect your apartment and family from the harsh effects of winter storms.

Understand the Differences of Forecasting Terms

Make sure you are always aware of the predicted forecasts (because they can change) and know the differences between them. A Winter Storm Outlook is a possibility of major weather, usually in a 2 to 5 day period.  If the news anchor calls for a Winter Weather Advisory, then be prepared as weather conditions are to cause major delays and may be hazardous. A Winter Storm Watch means that wintry conditions are possible within the next 36-48 hours and residents should review their preparedness plans. When a Winter Storm Warning is issued, residents should take immediate precautions as severe weather will start within a 24 hour period.

Prepare Your Supply Kit

A winter storm preparedness kit should keep all necessities needed to overcome a severe weather situation. Get to the store in plenty of time to stock up on food, water, and toiletries. You should have enough food and water for 3 days per person. For example, a family of four should have at least 12 gallons of water for food preparation/drinking during a 3 day snow storm. Keep medications, pet/baby supplies, extra batteries, a multi-purpose tool, blankets, flashlight, radio, candles, and rock salt (for melting ice) in your supply kit.

Weather Proof the Apartment

Since wintry storms are inevitable this time of year, you need to take all precautionary steps in weather proofing your rental. If your community is suspecting a significant drop in temperature, cover your windows with plastic lining to keep the cold air out. You will also want to maintain your heating units such as a fireplace with an annual chimney sweep to clean out built-up soot. Contact your management office to request a sweep or an inspection of the HVAC system well before the scheduled storm. Freezing weather could mean freezing water pipes if you have not properly insulated them for the cold. To prevent freezing, open all cabinets and wrap pipes in blankets while faucets drip overnight.

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