Worst Foods/Drinks to Spill on the Carpet

Author: Alecia Pirulis


At some point in your apartment, there’s going to be a spill. Whether it’s your faithful Fido or another source of happiness, there will be a spill and there will be stains.

Even though these messes could seem like a job in itself to get out, don’t fret — it’ll be alright. Just follow our expert solutions to reverse those spills and revive your carpet!

Culprit: Red Wine

Most everyone enjoys a glass of wine on occasions and for some, it is every occasion. It could be after a long day’s work, binge watching a favorite TV show, or a night with friends. Wine is having a huge resurgence with the millennial generation, but red wine is also one of the biggest culprits of carpet stains.

Solution: Take an absorbent cloth, like paper towels or an old rag, and dab up the excess wine. Be careful not to rub the red wine in as that will just make it worse. Add water and continue to dab the stain. This will pull up most of the stain. After this, a simple carpet cleaner should do the trick. It is important to know that time is of the essence here and steps to clean should be taken immediately, even if your “wine brain” is telling you to do it later.

Culprit: Coffee

If people like to unwind with wine, it is safe to say they like to wind up with coffee. Unless it is a stop on the way to work, coffee is part of most people’s morning routine at home. Even the best travel mugs can spill if the lid is on wrong, or the spill proof mechanism is gummed up and stuck.

Solution: Try the steps listed above for red wine, but finish with a paste of borax or baking soda. Follow this with cold water. This should have the stain up in no time, but again, treat it right away regardless of how it affects the day’s schedule.

Culprit: Candle Wax and Lipstick

Wax and oil-based substances can cause a lot of carpet problems, because these types of stains will bond to the carpet fibers, enhancing the effect. A toddler discovering makeup for the first time, or a dog knocking over a recently lit candle, can lead to unwanted surprises on the carpet.

Solution: If the candle wax is still semi-melted, try blotting up as much of the stain as possible. After that, use shaving cream on these wax or oil-based stains. Use old-fashioned shaving cream, not some of the newer gel-based creams. Spray the shaving cream on the stain and work it in with a toothbrush. Wipe away the cream and dab the stain with cold water to rinse.

Culprit: Gum

Bubble gum seems to always end up where it isn’t supposed to go. Whether it is tracked in on a shoe, or turned into a toy by a young one in the house who doesn’t know better, it will likely end up on the carpet.

Solution: Ice cubes. Believe it or not, this stain removal process is started with ice cubes. The ice cubes harden the gum and allow it to be scraped off the carpet with ease. Get as much of the hardened gum off the carpet as possible. Do this with care so you don’t damage carpets with long fibers. Follow up with a treatment of white vinegar and then carpet cleaner.

Culprit: Tomato Sauce

Red sauce on white carpet is not a good combination.

Solution: Thick solutions like tomato sauce and ketchup are not going to be soaked up easily. Grab a spoon, or a butter knife, and start scooping away at the mess, getting as much as you can off. When this step is done, moisten the stain with water and use a cleaning solution to remove the stain.

Carpet stains can seem like the end of the world at first, especially if they happen in a new home or on new carpet. However, many of them can be taken care of with immediate attention. If you don’t have time to clean them yourself, a carpet cleaning service can always get your carpets looking like new.