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As Digital Content Manager at NCI, I spend my days writing, editing, and blogging. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my husband, our two sons, and our small-but-mighty chihuahua and sweet-but-dopey pug.
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"Alaska: Find Your Place in the (Midnight) Sun

Alaska: Find Your Place in the (Midnight) Sun

Neon green wisps perform a slow ballet across the sky, joined occasionally by pulses of deep red, rich violet, inky indigo, and bursts of tawny yellow.  The phantom dance forms a thin veil across the shimmering stars, while the rugged, … Read More

"Bakersfield: California’s Hidden Gem

Bakersfield: California’s Hidden Gem

The other-worldly peaks and valleys of 100-million-year-old granite mountains form the inspiring backdrop of Bakersfield, California. The Sierra Nevada Mountains span 400 miles from north to south and 70 miles east to west. It is home to three national parks, … Read More

"Perfectly Small Cities: Albany, Oregon

Perfectly Small Cities: Albany, Oregon

A historic covered bridge stretches across a wide, winding river while in the distance a hot-air balloon drifts above the emerald-green landscape. A historic downtown contains delightful boutiques and sidewalk cafes, and one of the favorite pastimes of residents and … Read More

"The Best Botanic Gardens in the US

The Best Botanic Gardens in the US

Pops of red, yellow, and purple mingle with the blush of pale pinks and the glow of fiery oranges. It is spring’s cacophony … a riot of color to expunge winter’s canvas of blinding white and uninspiring gray. Don’t let … Read More

"Get More for Your Money in Charlotte

Get More for Your Money in Charlotte

Want more for your money? You’ve probably heard about those cities people are moving to in droves because they top the “highest starting salary” list or “lowest unemployment” list, but where can you go and find a job in your … Read More

"Spring Cleaning Tips and Shortcuts

Spring Cleaning Tips and Shortcuts

Ah, spring! There’s just something about the crisp mornings, the sunny afternoons, the cheery yellow daffodils swaying in the breeze, the new brilliant green leaves unfurling on the trees, the birds chirping  … It makes you want to dig out … Read More

"Keeping Your Cat Safe in Your Apartment

Keeping Your Cat Safe in Your Apartment

If you have a cat, you are probably aware of the instant something catches its eye. Suddenly, your cat is laser-focused, in that crouched-and-ready-to-pounce position he can stay in for hours, if necessary. This ability to “zoom in” on its … Read More

"Affordable Spring Break Beach Getaways

Affordable Spring Break Beach Getaways

After record-setting snowstorms, several major weather-related pile-ups on highways across the country, trees coated in ice, and even some bouts of “thunder-snow,” you’re probably more than ready for a warming trend. The calendar says it’s officially spring, but, well, there’s … Read More

"Creating Space in a Studio Apartment

Creating Space in a Studio Apartment

Maybe you decided it was worth sacrificing space to live in the heart of the city. Or perhaps the affordability was too good to pass up.  Or possibly this is your very first apartment and it seemed like plenty of … Read More

"Cowboys, Cactus, and Oil: Midland’s Unique West Texas Charm

Cowboys, Cactus, and Oil: Midland’s Unique West Texas Charm

According to a recent report published by IHS Global Insight, the city with the best economy in the nation is Midland, Texas.  Midland had one of the lowest unemployment rates in 2013 at just 3.9 percent, and one of the … Read More

"What to Do with a Juliet Balcony

What to Do with a Juliet Balcony

Perhaps it is the romance behind the design. After all, it is where Juliet urged her Romeo to “deny thy father and refuse thy name.” Or perhaps it is the European charm it adds to a building’s facade. More likely, … Read More

"Perfectly Small Cities: Eden Prairie

Perfectly Small Cities: Eden Prairie

What do you get when you combine miles of sun-dappled bike paths with a pastoral landscape, a thriving economy, gorgeous lakes with beaches, and a low cost of living? That would be Money Magazine‘s multi-time winner as one of America’s … Read More

"California’s Golden City: Sacramento

California’s Golden City: Sacramento

Two wide rivers reflect the dazzling blue sky overhead. A bridge – closely resembling one a child might create with a terrific imagination and an erector set – leads to the historic, riverside city. While it may not be as … Read More

"12 Fun Things to Do in Your Apartment When You’re Snowed In

12 Fun Things to Do in Your Apartment When You’re Snowed In

At the beginning of winter, the first few snow days are cause for celebration. A quiet blanket of snow falls and creates a winter wonderland, and you and your kids go out and enjoy everything that initial snowfall brings with … Read More

"12 Tips for Winter Pet Safety

12 Tips for Winter Pet Safety

Snow, sleet, ice — winters are tough for everyone, but cold temperatures and winter dangers can have a huge impact on pets. Do you know how to keep your pet safe during the long, difficult winter months? Here are some … Read More

"Perfectly Small Cities: Mankato, Minnesota

Perfectly Small Cities: Mankato, Minnesota

From waterfalls to a winter wonderland and from lush green hills to stunning architecture, Mankato is a Minnesota treasure. Considered one of the most livable cities in the country, Mankato is the county seat of the aptly named Blue Earth … Read More

"Winter Olympics Party Ideas

Winter Olympics Party Ideas

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony is tomorrow night! Are you planning a get-together in your apartment to celebrate? Since it is more fun to watch sports events with friends, a Winter Olympics party is a great idea! But first – … Read More

"America’s Great Neighborhoods: Los Angeles

America’s Great Neighborhoods: Los Angeles

Jagged mountain peaks, palm trees, soaring skyscrapers, glitz, glamour, and neon lights – Los Angeles has all of that and more. It is dynamic, diverse, and crowded. It has both great beauty and true grit. And it is one of … Read More

"Slow-Cooker Comfort Food

Slow-Cooker Comfort Food

From the snowy, icy, car-jammed incident in the South last week to the piggy-backing snowstorms in the Northeast to the record snowfall amounts in the Midwest, there’s no doubt about it – it’s cold! Imagine ending your frosty commute home … Read More

"Apartment Finder’s Tizen App Makes Headlines

Apartment Finder’s Tizen App Makes Headlines

From print to mobile devices to the Internet, Apartment Finder is dedicated to bringing the apartment search to individual apartment hunters, no matter where they are – and even where they currently aren’t. Apartment Finder recently developed a Tizen app … Read More