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"The AF Buzz at NAA

The AF Buzz at NAA

NAA is off to a great start! The response to Apartment Finder’s new OnDemand Coupons has been overwhelming! Apartment Finder is the first Internet Listing Service to offer this cutting-edge product, and many communities are buying them on the spot. … Read More

"Apartment Finder’s Citrus Update

Apartment Finder’s Citrus Update

Apartment Finder’s dedicated pursuit of trailblazing innovation has led to the Citrus update, a site update that features enhanced intuitive navigation and advanced search technology! With this release, award-winning Apartment Finder is once again setting the standard for Internet Listing … Read More

"Apartment Finder Announces OnDemand Coupons!

Apartment Finder Announces OnDemand Coupons!

Apartment Finder will be creating a buzz at NAA with the unveiling of several new products. Be sure to stop by and ask about our all-new OnDemand Coupons! Once again leading the way in cutting-edge innovation, Apartment Finder is the … Read More

"Apartment Finder Heads to Denver for NAA

Apartment Finder Heads to Denver for NAA

This year’s theme for the NAA Education Conference and Exposition is “Reach New Heights,” so it’s only fitting that it be held in the “Mile-High City.” That’s right – we’re excited to be headed to Denver this year, a beautiful … Read More

"The Best Summer Plants for Your Apartment Balcony

The Best Summer Plants for Your Apartment Balcony

Remember those gorgeous hanging baskets and planters you created in the spring? All of those colorful blooms turning your apartment balcony into a kaleidoscope of color? Are your once-gorgeous plants starting to look a little … crunchy? The summer heat … Read More

"Budget-Friendly Summer Vacations

Budget-Friendly Summer Vacations

You’re dreaming of a summer vacation in an exclusive, five-star resort on a tropical island. Your balcony overlooking the pool and the ocean features a lounge chair so you can relax and enjoy that glass of wine you ordered from … Read More

"The ZRS Technology Retreat 2014 Heats Up Miami

The ZRS Technology Retreat 2014 Heats Up Miami

For the fifth year in a row, Apartment Finder is partnering with ZRS Management, LLC for the ZRS Technology Retreat. The 5th-annual ZRS Technology Retreat will take place at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami on August 28, 2014. Apartment … Read More

"Safety Tips for Your Apartment Pool and Beyond

Safety Tips for Your Apartment Pool and Beyond

Summer is a season defined by water. A summer vacation to the beach, where the ocean’s tumbling, salty waves provide hours of fun, dodging whitecaps and building sandcastles at the water’s edge; the lazy weekends spend at your apartment community’s … Read More

"Discovering Texoma

Discovering Texoma

You have your cowboy boots on and you’re ready to go – but where? The West is calling you, and you are ready to find your place in this dusty land of opportunity. But should you choose the dynamic state … Read More

"Light, Bright Summer Decor for Your Apartment

Light, Bright Summer Decor for Your Apartment

During the winter, your apartment was a warm, cozy retreat. The fireplace blazed, a chenille throw blanket was a welcome addition to your couch for those cold nights, and your dark, heavy drapes kept the cold air from entering through … Read More

"Terrific Neighborhoods in Dallas

Terrific Neighborhoods in Dallas

Like many other cities across the country, sleek skyscrapers dominate the downtown skyline. And, like many other cities across the country, the wide sidewalks outside those buildings are busy each morning and afternoon with high-powered business people rushing along, carrying … Read More

"America’s Best Downtowns: Crystal Lake, Illinois

America’s Best Downtowns: Crystal Lake, Illinois

A beautiful suburban city that includes two large lakes complete with lakeside beaches is enough to put it at the top of many “great cities” lists – and Crystal Lake is one of Illinois’ favorite suburbs. Crystal Lake is located … Read More

"The Adventurer’s Playground: Ogden, Utah

The Adventurer’s Playground: Ogden, Utah

Do you live for adventure? On weekends, are you backpacking in remote locations or tackling white-water rapids? Have you ever been rock climbing, spelunking, snowboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving, rappelling, bouldering, skiing, or ice climbing? Then you might be interested … Read More

"America’s Best Downtowns: Watertown, New York

America’s Best Downtowns: Watertown, New York

Tall, narrow buildings stand in neat rows like 18th-century sentinels standing guard around the town square, a vibrant green space accentuated by a curvy fountain. Modern architecture blends seamlessly with historic, mirroring the flat façade and tall, skinny windows of … Read More

"Beautiful Cities: Chico, California

Beautiful Cities: Chico, California

Elegant architecture lining wide sidewalks, funky murals and charming public art, lush parks and plenty of mature trees, a vibrant downtown with fountains, benches, and brightly-painted shops … some cities are simply beautiful. Perhaps it is a gorgeous setting in … Read More

"America’s Best Downtowns: Frederick, Maryland

America’s Best Downtowns: Frederick, Maryland

The phrase, “a great downtown” often tops the lists of apartment hunters. But what makes a downtown great? Locally-owned shops and boutiques? Coffeehouses and sidewalk cafes? Pedestrian-friendly, brick-lined streets? A terrific public square where concerts, events, and a farmer’s market … Read More

"Want Elbow Room? Find Your “Space” in Idaho

Want Elbow Room? Find Your “Space” in Idaho

Perhaps it happened as you tried to shove your way onto a crowded bus. Or maybe it was the line at your favorite coffee shop, snaking out the door and around the corner, making you late for work. It could … Read More

"Apartment Finder Recognized by IADAS

Apartment Finder Recognized by IADAS

Apartment Finder was recently recognized at the 18th Annual Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). was selected as an Official Honoree in the Real Estate Category. The Webby Award is the leading … Read More

"Living History: Williamsburg, Virginia

Living History: Williamsburg, Virginia

As you stroll down a narrow, brick-paved sidewalk past a white picket fence barely containing a riot of colorful blooms from well-tended gardens, a horse-drawn carriage complete with a driver in a tri-corner hat ambles down the quiet, shady street. … Read More

"Alaska: Find Your Place in the (Midnight) Sun

Alaska: Find Your Place in the (Midnight) Sun

Neon green wisps perform a slow ballet across the sky, joined occasionally by pulses of deep red, rich violet, inky indigo, and bursts of tawny yellow.  The phantom dance forms a thin veil across the shimmering stars, while the rugged, … Read More