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"Apartment Finder’s Tizen App Makes Headlines

Apartment Finder’s Tizen App Makes Headlines

From print to mobile devices to the Internet, Apartment Finder is dedicated to bringing the apartment search to individual apartment hunters, no matter where they are – and even where they currently aren’t. Apartment Finder recently developed a Tizen app … Read More

"Decorating Your Apartment Dining Room

Decorating Your Apartment Dining Room

Large, separate dining rooms are rare finds in apartments. Usually, the dining area is a small room or part of the great room. Some apartments (especially loft-style apartments and studios) don’t have a designated dining area at all. As a … Read More

"25 Get-Happy Tunes for the Winter Blues

25 Get-Happy Tunes for the Winter Blues

Whether it is a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or, like me, you live in Atlanta and spent 10 hours (or more) stuck in the miserable combination of traffic and ice this week, sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. … Read More

"Perfectly Small Cities: Watertown, New York

Perfectly Small Cities: Watertown, New York

You may have never heard of Watertown, New York, but this small city has everything going for it: location, atmosphere, history, architecture – and did I mention location? Watertown is situated about 70 miles north of Syracuse, 30 miles south … Read More

"Decorating 101: Industrial

Decorating 101: Industrial

Picture an old, dinged-up, battered and rusted utility cart – one that was probably used in a mail room in some office building about 50 years ago. The robin’s-egg blue paint is chipped off or bubbled beneath the pockets of … Read More

"Spotlight on Seattle

Spotlight on Seattle

Spectacular views of Mt. Ranier and Puget Sound, a legendary music scene, the world’s most famous farmer’s market, the Space Needle – Seattle, Washington is a unique and beautiful city. It is also home to the one and only NFL … Read More

"10 Things You Need to Know About Living Alone

10 Things You Need to Know About Living Alone

Whether you are a recent college grad, are leaving straight from your parent’s place, or have always had a roommate (or two), you find yourself poised on the edge of that ultimate leap into independence: living alone. Are you ready? … Read More

"Discovering Denver

Discovering Denver

It’s on! After several long months, two teams have emerged as the best of the best — and on February 2, they will meet in New Jersey to decide who gets ultimate bragging rights. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle … Read More

"How to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Long-Distance Move

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Long-Distance Move

Every once in a while, a story will pop up on the news that makes pet owners shudder: A dog’s crate accidentally opens as he is being loaded onto a plane, and the dog goes missing. A family driving cross-country … Read More

"Hosting a Football Party in Your Apartment

Hosting a Football Party in Your Apartment

January weekends can only mean one thing: playoffs! If you’ve been holding off on having a football party because you live in an apartment, don’t let that stop you! It will take some creativity and planning, but you can host … Read More

"Creating a Craft Room

Creating a Craft Room

It’s the more feminine version of the man-cave: the craft room. It doesn’t matter if it is painting, photography, scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, woodworking, stained glass, or pottery — and it doesn’t even matter if you are particularly good at your … Read More

"Decorating Your Apartment in 2014

Decorating Your Apartment in 2014

Apartment dwellers often feel left out of the decorating trends. Painting isn’t always possible, and small spaces aren’t conducive to the trending furniture styles and tchotchkes. But 2014 is the year of the apartment! Well, sort of — light-colored walls … Read More

"America’s Great Neighborhoods: Washington, DC

America’s Great Neighborhoods: Washington, DC

A true national treasure, Washington, DC is as beautiful as it is historic and important. In summer, crisp blue skies create a stunning backdrop for the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House. In spring, … Read More

"Discovering Rancho Cordova

Discovering Rancho Cordova

Imagine finding the perfect location. What features would it have? Gorgeous year-round weather with bountiful sunshine and mild temperatures? How about beautiful rolling hills, massive shade trees, and a winding river? Or perhaps a plethora of outdoor activities ranging from … Read More

"Moving Impossible: Fitness Equipment

Moving Impossible: Fitness Equipment

Perhaps you just couldn’t resist that late-night infomercial pushing the “latest and greatest” in home fitness. Or maybe a friend was using his treadmill as a clothing rack and decided to give it to you. Or maybe you are a … Read More

"Beach-Inspired Decorating: Because All You Want to See … Is the Sea

Beach-Inspired Decorating: Because All You Want to See … Is the Sea

Picture it: A sugary-white beach, stretching for miles until it disappears around a gentle bend on the horizon … cerulean water shimmering under a full sun … the frothy waves as they tumble ashore … and a slight pop of … Read More

"America’s Great Neighborhoods: Portland

America’s Great Neighborhoods: Portland

Picture rolling hills leading to dramatic mountain peaks covered in snow, a wooded landscape under a clear blue sky … and a city in the center of all that pastoral beauty, its skyscrapers reaching above the tree line and somehow … Read More

"Your After-the-Move Checklist

Your After-the-Move Checklist

You were organized during your move! You had all of the right supplies, you packed and labeled your boxes, you made lists, you dealt with utilities … whew! Aren’t you glad that’s over? Not so fast — there are some … Read More

"Decorating 101: Tuscan

Decorating 101: Tuscan

You dream of an Italian villa on a hillside, complete with exposed brick and stucco, a stone patio, terra-cotta tile floors, textured walls, and gorgeous murals painted on an accent wall. At the same time, you don’t want your home … Read More

"The Apartment-Renting Survival Guide

The Apartment-Renting Survival Guide

1. Know Your Budget! Sure, that trendy luxury high-rise in the heart of the city is gorgeous. Yes, they have so many perks and amenities it’s enough to make you never want to leave your apartment building, but can you … Read More