10 Tips on getting your online community going


Here’s 10 good tips on making an online community work from Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang.

All 10 are very practical and easy to implement. Two stand out for me.

First, the emphasis on interaction. Anyone with social media experience talks about the importance of the conversation. If you want to build a community, invite conversation.

Encourage interaction through conversations. Ask questions, talk about controversial topics, or host a contest that encourages participation.

Another insightful tip is to organize the community around real world events. People love to share information about things they participated in together. You can connect your online community to off-line events — even if you’re not sponsoring them. For instance, get conversation going about a big concert coming to town, or a regional fair.

Centralize your community around your real world events. People want to find each other before events, talk about the event during the duration, and then afterwards are key. Use the community in your physical events.

Common-sense tips like these make the challenge of building an online community easy.