20 Years with Apartment Finder!!!


In March of 1995 I received an urgent request from my new employer to go directly to Isle of Palms and take care of an infant whose mother had gone into pre-mature labor early while vacationing in Charleston. Since I was new to Charleston myself and missing the never-ending line of new cousins back home, I was more than happy to help even though I knew no mothers, pregnant women and my employer was not a childcare provider. Little did I know that this mother would be a long-term influencer, college and friend in my newly found Apartment Finder Family.

Kathy Wilson is that amazing woman, who delivered her second child, Garrison in Charleston while I watched little Braxton. Today, October 1st, 2010, she celebrates another milestone, and silver anniversary with Apartment Finder in Greenville South Carolina. In that time she built her blood-line family, battled breast cancer and won, volunteered countless hours in service to the community, traveled, and earned every award ever given by Apartment Finder. Most often she did not get the award she deserved in an effort to spread the winnings to other people and markets who were her close second within the organization. Publisher of the Year, Market of the Year, Vendor Member of the Year, Shining Star, and many, many more accolades sit on her Wall of Fame as you enter the NCI Greenville office.

You could not have a complete picture of Kathy if you were to leave out her Co-Publisher and best friend, Michelle Fleury who has been by her side for 17 of those 20 Apartment Finder years, and a few more when you count the years on the property side. Together they have built an unstoppable team and the ideal working environment that gives Greenville Multifamily members every possible advantage to succeed.

It is a great honor to have Kathy Wilson on our team, with her passion, knowledge and competitive nature at any point in her career. Nothing says it better than photos and I encourage you to share your own stories and photos with Kathy and the whole Finder Family. Congratulations Kathy on 20 years with Apartment Finder!

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