3 Creative Ideas for DIY Artwork for Your Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis

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Your apartment is the one place in the world where your true personality can shine. Your car or clothes might not fit your personality due to budget constraints. Your job isn’t exactly what you dreamed about as a kid. But the friendly warmth of your home is where you sleep each night and is somewhere your creativity can shine and your personality can be on full display.

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” This quote by Oscar Wilde shows how much personality is associated with artwork.

If you just moved into a new apartment, you might be curious as to the best type of artwork or pictures to hang on the wall that will fit your personality. Whether you moved out of the dorms and into a rental community or just got a promotion at work and upgraded your living situation, we have listed three creative do-it-yourself artwork and picture ideas to display in your home.

Not only will this DIY artwork add more personality to your apartment, it will also save you a pretty penny versus buying decor at a store!
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According to the BBC, there were more photos taken in the past 12 months than in the entire history of photography combined.

With the advancement of smartphones, everyone nowadays can be a photographer. A great way to show off your personality is to take pictures that are meaningful to you.

If you grew up in Austin and live in an apartment complex in the South Congress district, a great theme for your apartment would be photographs around the city of Austin. Spend a day snapping iconic pictures at the University of Texas and the State building.

You can get digital photos printed inexpensively at a nearby pharmacy or most grocery stores, and each time you look at these photos, you will know that your creativity added personality to your home.

art stylish hipster woman keep brush outdoor portraitPainting or Drawing

If you were one of those kids who got an A+ in art class back in middle school, it might be time to dust off the paintbrush and colored pencils.

Search for a meaningful person or place in your life and spend a morning or afternoon on the weekend drawing a picture. If you aren’t a big artist, you can convert any picture you like into a professional art piece. Simply print the picture on thin printer paper and use craft glue like Mod Podge to paste it onto a canvas frame. Voila!

You will be very happy when your friends and guests ask where you bought the painting over the kitchen table, knowing that you created it yourself!

Don’t forget to post your picture or painting onto Instagram. You’ll get some love this way also.


Inspirational Quotes

According to the Huffington Post, positive thinking can boost your health and boost your work.

If you were to see a positive yet meaningful quote each day before you leave your home, this would put your mind in a good place before tackling the day ahead of you.

Even if you are not a Photoshop wizard, you can use an app like Word Swag to create cool fonts, typography, and text over pictures. Simply place a meaningful quote or saying over a background or an image that matches the quote. If you want a bigger quote board, you can go to a copy shop for larger prints.

Then, head to your nearest thrift shop and pick up an ornate, vintage frame and add the quote to your wall! Just like that, your favorite quote can be framed and make a classy addition to your walls.

Finishing Touch

Even if you don’t bear any resemblance to Picasso, that doesn’t mean you can’t make DIY artwork for your apartment. Whether you snap some photos, draw or paint a picture, or add an inspirational quote onto your wall, the personal touch from your art will add a unique and creative element to your apartment that will make a lasting impression.

The Connor Group contributed content to this article. The Connor Group owns and operates the following apartment communities in Dallas: Knightsbridge, Starwood, Lodge at Frisco Bridges, and Villages of Addison.