5 Great Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis

couple at their new empty apartment

Deciding on an apartment can be an extremely fun experience. Whether you are seeking a place to live with a roommate, a significant other or just by yourself, moving into a new rental community provides a sense of excitement, as this will be the place you sleep each and every night.

When it comes to determining your ideal living situation, this can be trickier than it seems. Do you have an urban persona and city life activities such as walking to the local grocery store or restaurant? Or do you prefer to be in a secluded setting with a community garden and easy access to the freeways?

Whether you are a college student, young professional or empty nester, choosing the perfect living situation is an important decision during your apartment hunt. Luckily, we have provided 5 great tips to determine the picture-perfect apartment based off of your wants and needs.

1. Social Setting:

If you are a college student, living near your university is a no-brainer. If you are a young professional that has to wake up at 5:00 AM each morning for work, a college apartment complex might not be the best atmosphere. College students tend to stay up later and can potentially be a tad bit noisy.

When you are taking a tour of an apartment, make sure to walk around the premise of the rental community to gauge the type of residents who call this place their home. Being surrounded by people in a similar social setting will also make it easier for you to make friends!

2. Location:

You might love the thought of a downtown setting for an apartment community. Before long, you may realize all of the downtown traffic makes your commute an hour each way to get to work! It is important that you strategically map out all of the places you need to be over the course of a week when deciding on a place to live. If you can save several hours per week on commuting by living at an apartment near work, this might be the best option for you. If you enjoy urban hiking in a downtown setting and work relatively close by, an apartment in a city might be best choice. Location makes a big factor on where you should live so be sure to take this into consideration!

3. Pricing: 

The notion exists that your rent should be somewhere around 30% of your income. This can obviously vary depending on a variety of different circumstances. One thing you can’t afford to do is live at an apartment that is outside of your budget! Make sure that you can afford the rental community where you ultimately decide to live. Ask family members, close friends and possibly even a financial advisor about the rent compared to your income if you are worried on whether or not you will be able to pay rent. Once you know that you can afford an apartment, the fun will begin when you can start to determine which place best fits your needs.

4. Hobbies:

On a Saturday afternoon, would you rather go to a bar to watch football or take a long bike ride while enjoying the outdoors?  What you enjoy doing in your spare time will make a big difference on where you end up living. Make sure to do research on the surrounding area of the apartment that you are looking for. While the community might be great, if there is nothing close by that you enjoy, it might not be the best option for you.

 5. Go With Your Gut:

There will be many articles, blogs and websites that you can read which will tell you how to determine the perfect apartment. Family members and friends will also offer insight. All of this information should be taken into consideration.

The bottom line is YOU will know which apartment community best fits your needs. If you love the resort-style pool at an apartment and know you will utilize the workout facility each and every day, go with your gut on the place you eventually want to call your home.

SRE Group, a leader in Grove City, Polaris and Mason Apartments, contributed content to this article.