5 Simple Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Facebook Page

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Social Media Guru Mack Collier wrote a very interesting article on how to get people involved and engaged with you on Facebook . . . are you using his techniques?

Facebook is an extremely popular tool for businesses to use because EVERYONE is there, right? But even with Facebook’s large membership, it can still sometimes be difficult to get consistent interaction and engagement happening on your Facebook page.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to getting engagement via social media is that you need to make it EASIER for people to participate. Remember the first blog comment you ever left, or the first time you commented on a Facebook wall? You probably hesitated before you did, right? Or maybe you worried about saying the ‘right thing’, or if anyone would respond. We need to remember that and make the participation barrier as low as possible for your audience!

So with that in mind, here’s 5 simple tips that you can use TODAY to start getting more interaction and engagement on your Facebook page:

1. Respond. I know, this seems like a no-brainer, but so many companies forget to reply to users that are leaving feedback on their Facebook page. You don’t have to answer every single comment, but we all want to be acknowledged. If someone leaves a couple of comments on your Facebook page and you don’t respond to either, the chances of you getting them to leave a third comment fall off a cliff.

2. Publicly thank users that are active on your Facebook page. There is a secret to using social media: Reward the behavior that you want to encourage. If you want more comments on your Facebook page, then look for ways to encourage that. If Lisa is constantly Liking your posts and commenting, then why not send her a special shoutout on your page? All that does is impress Lisa and the other users and encourage them all to interact with you more!

3. Ask questions on your Facebook page. This is another simple way to encourage interaction, ask users to share their opinions! The idea is to ask an ‘easy’ question that everyone will have an opinion on (remember what we said earlier about lowering the barrier to participation?). But don’t just ask questions just to be asking them, for example if your Facebook page is for an Interior Design business, don’t ask your users what their favorite music artist is, ask them which room is their favorite to decorate, or which colors they prefer. Ask questions that are related to your business, and its customers.

4. Post regularly to your Facebook page. Out of sight is out of mind. If you are updating your Facebook page regularly, then that increases the chance that your fans will see your updates, and visit your page. And when they arrive, if you are following the above steps, you’ll improve the chances of getting interaction from your fans.

So what content should you post on your Facebook page? You can have a nice mix of useful tips, industry news, and even a mention a product or sale your business is having. Or if you want to really get organized, get on a schedule of posting X new items a week to your Facebook Page Wall. And have each day be a certain type of content. For example, on Monday you might post a tip, on Wednesday the latest news in your industry, and then on Friday a sale item for the weekend. The added benefit to this approach is that you can more easily track engagement during each of these three days, so you have a better idea of which type of content is connecting with your Fans!

5. Post different types of content to your Facebook page. Yes, posting to the Wall is important, but don’t forget other forms of content like Notes and posting questions to the Discussion Board. Also consider posting video and pictures on your page instead of just text.

And again, be sure to track which form of content results in more engagement. This type of tracking and with some testing will help you create the type of content that connects with your Fans and encourages engagement.

Now that you’ve read these steps, I wanted to let you in on a secret: These steps will ALSO work on your blog or Twitter account to help you build engagement there as well! The great thing about Facebook is that since it has such a large userbase, it can be easier to get engagement on your Facebook page, than the blog you launched last week. So when you figure out what works in building engagement on your Facebook page, the odds are it will work on your Blog as well, for example!

So play with these steps, and as you start to see your level of engagement grow on your Facebook page, think about why it happened and what you changed to make it happen. Then apply what you just learned to improve the level of interaction and engagement on your blog or other social media tools that you use!

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