5 Unforgettable Suggestions to Decorate Your Apartment for Halloween

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Halloween pumpkin lantern. No people.

Who doesn’t love sipping on a pumpkin spice latte bundled up in your living room where the leaves are changing colors outside? October is the month where the fall season is in full force and just happens to be the time of year when Halloween takes place.

L.M. Montgomery was quoted as saying, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” We couldn’t agree more with the famous author! If you want to really stand out this October, especially for Halloween, follow the 5 decorating tips on the interior and exterior of your apartment that will have nearby residents raving about your clever (and spooky) decorations.

  • Pumpkin Time

Tiny pumpkins in wooden bucket on tableAccording to ABC News, Americans will spend around $106 million on pumpkins this year. Don’t miss out on the pumpkin fun in October! Decorating the entryway to your apartment with a pumpkin will provide the perfect Halloween touch. If you want to go above and beyond, carve something memorable into the pumpkin, like the design of your favorite sports team.

  • Orange Fever

Orange might as well be the official color of October, right? The bright hue signifies the fall season is here and that Halloween is within striking distance. Add orange decorations inside your apartment and guests will certainly feel the Halloween vibe. From orange candles to orange napkins, the more orange, the better!

  • Candy Corn

Nearly 35 million pounds of candy corn is consumed every Halloween! There is nothing quite like walking into an apartment in October and having some delicious candy corn to nosh on. Sure, candy corn isn’t the healthiest option in the food pyramid, but we think consuming some of the triangle-shaped, yellow, orange, and white candies in October is just fine.Having candy displayed around your apartment in a Halloween-themed bowl is the perfect touch around Halloween time.

  • Cobweb Decorations

Looking for Halloween decoration inspiration? Check out the various pins on Pinterest where users are already in the spooky spirit! One trend we noticed (and loved) was decorating the outside of your home with cobwebs. This clever decoration provides the haunted Halloween feel and will make your apartment stand out to all of the trick-or-treaters.

  • Solar Pumpkin Stakes

pumpin lightsIf you are following our steps to decorate your apartment for the Halloween season, you already have the traditional pumpkins covered. The next step is creating solar pumpkins that will hang from a stake. Check out these great and easy steps from Instructables.com to pull off solar pumpkin stakes and your apartment will be the talk around the community with your clever decorations.

The five Halloween decorations referenced above will not take too much time to implement or too much of a budget to pull off at your apartment. The inside and outside of your home will be a spooky spectacle and show that you are in the Halloween spirit this October!

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