A Dad’s Thoughts on Naughty or Nice!


santa on cell phone

For those of us that have kids, have you noticed that their behavior usually improves right before the holidays? No matter what their age or who they think the gifts are coming from, they are mindful that Christmas morning is fast approaching and they better be on their best behavior.

However, even the best of kids fall off the good behavior wagon now and then. I’ve heard of different ways parents improve the attitudes or behavior of their children when it gets closer to Christmas. As a parent of two rowdy boys, I’ve used some of these myself. Nothing works better these days than the threat of involving Santa Clause. Our kids know that ‘ole Saint Nick has a vested interest in knowing if they’ve been bad or good, so they better be good for goodness sake!

The latest version of Christmas attitude adjustment I’ve heard about is the moving elf, the “Elf on the Shelf.” The kids of the household know that the elf is there to watch over them and make sure they behave during the day. Each morning the elf “appears” in a different room, maybe on a book shelf or sitting on the pot rack in the kitchen watching the entire room. Although my kids are too old for this type of enforcement, I hear the elf works wonders!

I’ve personally had good success with the “1-800 Santa Claus” tactic. Each time my boys began to misbehave, I’d reach for the phone and let them know I was dialing Santa. In the age of cell phones I’m never far from my Santa Clause enforcement line. Sometimes, I even had conversations with the jolly old elf – that my kids could hear…well, they could hear only my side of the conversation! I imagine these days, most people would text Santa instead of call him. I can hear it now, “You better start behaving or I’m texting Santa to let him know what you just did!” Hopefully, parents won’t text while driving and their kids are brawling in the back seat like two Ultimate Fighting contestants!

What are some of the tactics you’ve used in the past? Post a comment and let us know. Hope everyone has a safe holiday season, and remember, don’t text Santa while driving or operating heavy machinery!