A Fun Night Out at AIM


AIM bowling

Apartment Finder gathered together with industry friends and colleagues at the Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes in Phoenix, AZ while attending the AIM conference. We had a great time “behind the red velvet curtains” in our private, roped off area. It was a blast watching everyone cut loose–making up crazy names for the scoreboards, creating their own “special techniques” for getting their bowling ball down the lane and choosing a few choice words to make that last pin fall! :)

“Alias names” of bowlers: Frosted Flake, Lucky Charm, CocoPuff, Big Mama, Hot Mama, Socks, Rumergirl, Miltonbrat, Chantilly Lace, Brew Babe, Venus Vodka – so you see the bowling alley guy had a lot of fun typing these names into the scoreboard!

Joining Marcia Bollinger:
Trish Moore
and Krista Castillo . . . .

Some of the guests:

  • Carrie Powell – Aeris Properties
  • Traci Hall
  • Kai Weber
  • Kisha Donahue – Amli
  • Jennifer Robbins – Blair Apartments
  • Kelli Falk-Tillett – Drucker and Falk
  • Teresa Sandman
  • Laura White
  • and Lissette Espinoza – Gingko
  • Tracy Bowers – Matrix Residential
  • Melanie Stiles
  • Karen Robertson
  • Katie Wrenn
  • Susan Goff
  • and Jake Brizedine – Milestone
  • Karen Kossow – The Property Portfolio
  • Christina Steeg
  • and Anna Shea – Simpson
  • Jamin Harkness
  • and Ignacio Diego – Wesley Apartments