A good planning guide to social media marketing


With more and more of our target consumers spending a lot of their time on the internet using social networking sites, all of us in the multi-family industry are wondering what techniques to use to interact with them.

iMediaConnection posted a good article looking at some of the mistakes brands make when they get into social media. The first…starting and then stopping. Good social marketing takes good planning and a process for keeping it up.

Have a clear goal in mind for social media programs, and focus efforts on achieving it. Know your audience. Create something of mutual value. Observe and listen to what your customers are already doing and saying. Recognize that certain aspects of social media require an ongoing commitment. If you discover that you miscalculated your resources or a path you chose was not ideal or suited to your objectives, then regroup to move positively forward. Create your own definition of success against the available opportunities and align your programs, resources, and expectations accordingly.

You can check out the article here.