A Great Time For New Ideas!


Brainstorming 2013   2

Kevin Telfer, Chandra Vail, Carl Speerstra, Marcia Bollinger, Ruth Hicks, and Natalie Duke-Hynes



The Apartment Finder team had a great time at the 2013 Brainstorming Event in Las Vegas! Carl Speerstra participated as a full Brainstormer and had a blast in all the sessions, sharing ideas and “brainstorming” with other attendees. Marcia Bollinger, Kevin Telfer, Natalie Duke-Hynes, and Chandra Vail also attended Brainstorming, manned the AF booth and networked with clients. Kevin Telfer reported, “We got a chance to meet with a wide variety of marketing professionals from around the country, including clients from many Internet Only areas that we rarely get in contact with.”

The theme of Brainstorming was “Connected” and the team made every effort to connect with the attendees, handing out orange Apartment Finder socks and orange Apartment Finder bracelets at the booth. The big attraction at the booth was the grand prize give aways for flip videos and a Michael Kors purse!

  • Congraulations to the flip video winners: Katie Rafinello, Regional Manager, Compass Rock Real Estate and Brent Lueck, Marketing & Training Department Manager, Fiduciary Real Estate Development, Inc.
  • The big winner of the day (for the bright orange Michael Kors purse), was Sarah Milligan, Marketing Programs Manager, Preservation Management, Inc.

The Orange Team was pleased to have a new team member join them at Brainstorming! Marcia Bollinger said, “We are so happy to welcome Ruth Hicks, formerly Marketing Director with Maxxus Properties, and have her attend Brainstorming as our new Account Executive in the Little Rock/Central Arkansas market. It’s fabulous to have her aboard!” Ruth really enjoyed the event and commented, “From the “New Kid” perspective, it was such a great experience to get to work with and learn from the seasoned Finder team that was there working the trade show. I found it was very helpful to have gotten to know a lot of our clients personally from being a facilitator and getting to interact with the day before. The Michael Kors bag was the most fought over prize to win and we had a gathering of shoeless sore feet wearing Finder socks and becoming happy people at the end of the day!! As always, the feedback I got from the connections I made were that the Apartment Finder bunch is the definitely the friendliest, brightest and most fun and rewarding to be around!”

To sum it up, thank you Tami Siewruk, Barbie Figueroa and the rest of the Brainstorming team for a wonderful, well thought-out Brainstorming event!!