A moment to boast: ApartmentFinder.com & Comscore


The March Comscore numbers were released today and they paint a clear picture of what a good plan and good execution can accomplish.

Picture 2.pngFor March, ApartmentFinder.com gained 52.5% in unique visitors to 1.33 million. That puts us in second place among the three multi-platform marketing partners in the apartment space: behind ForRent.com at 1.65 million and ahead of ApartmentGuide.com at 1.19 million.

(We’re the orange line in the accompanying slide: a fitting reflection of the team’s Orange initiative this year.)

It’s a nice position to be in and creates a tremendous amount of value for our customers.

What’s most gratifying is the way that we’ve gone at building our Internet product and Internet presence over the past six months.

We haven’t driven our growth through spending a lot of money on keywords and unqualified traffic. We’ve focused on optimizing the long tail of organic search. We’ve focused on creating a simple product for consumers that gives them lots of ways to interact with the apartment communities we list. We’ve focused on keeping the distracting bells and whistles to a minimum.

We want our internet strategy to be about the same, single focus that we bring to our print product: High quality content and presentation that drives high quality leads.

The consumers are voting for us. That’s exciting. And our customers are benefitting. That’s even more exciting.

Congratulations to our ApartmentFinder and Interactive teams. They’ve done a great job.