A Tribute to a Successful Woman


MR Angie TaylorBeing in the multi-housing industry has afforded me great opportunities to meet some of the smartest people I will ever come to know. Today, I would like to pay tribute to one them, Mrs. Angie Taylor. Angie was just recently promoted to Regional Vice President with Carter-Haston. It comes as no surprise. She has a “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-what-it-takes-to-get-it-done” attitude. She empowers her people and places them in the spot light. She is a mentor, a leader and friend to her team.

Angie Taylor joined Carter-Haston in 2003 as Regional Manger for their Atlanta portfolio, which is when I first met her and I will never forget our first meeting. She was confident, precise and stated her point. I left there thinking I better not drop a ball. She’s tough and she means business.

As I came to know her over the years, I realized behind the powerful woman was a warm and kind heart whose desires are to see those around her achieve their goals and become successful. Just last month, three of her long-time employees were promoted, Nelda Watkins & Amanda Hodgson to Area Managers and Wes Jones to Revenue Manager. She spoke very little about her own promotion, but shouted theirs from a roof top.

Angie has been dedicated to this industry for 21 years. She will be the first to tell you her experience defines her as an RVP today. She has become an expert in the development and execution of marketing and strategic planning. She has been involved in the repositioning of properties, extensive renovations, new development and lease-ups, acquisitions and dispositions. She currently has oversight responsibility for more than 2,900 units located in the Southeast. She spent the first nine years of her career operating communities in South Alabama.

Angie leads a team of over 58 employees, 14 on-site property managers and 2 area managers, all of which, adore and respect her. She is an Accredited Residential Manager and has earned the distinction of Certified Property Manager with the Institute of Real Estate Management.

She was recently featured in the June 2009 issue of Units Magazine in an article by Guy Lyman about revenue management technology. Angie talks to Guy about an experience she had when one of her community managers had to take an unexpected leave of absence. She stepped in to run the community at the exact same time Carter-Haston elected the community as a test for a new revenue management technology. Challenged with managing a community and a portfolio, Angie now had to embrace, learn and implement something brand new to her. And, I might add….while going through a complete renovation at the community. As you read the article, you will hear her refer to empowering her people and you will see many examples of her drive, determination and leadership. You also get a sense of how she is not afraid of anything and will tackle any obstacle.

Angie chooses to be on the forefront and is not afraid to take risks, at all. One of her famous quotes that I use in my personal career is, “fake it until you make it”. When faced with uncertainty, she goes with her gut feeling, puts a smile on her face, jumps in with both feet and ALWAYS comes up swimming…never letting anyone see her sweat!

In addition to a powerful and successful industry leader, she has been a loving wife to Mr. John Taylor for 21 years and they have two beautiful children Quintin, 14 and Bethany, 17. Her dedication to her family is an inspiration to all. She has figured out balance. But, she will tell you if it weren’t for the love and support of her precious husband and children she wouldn’t be where she is today.

If I could pick one word to describe her, now that I’ve had the honor of knowing her for eight years, it would be selflessness. Well, not today, Angie! Today is about you and your achievements. I am honored to know you, honored to work with you and honored to be blessed with your friendship.

Congratulations on your promotion!

Founded in 1987, Carter-Haston is a real estate asset/property management company that focuses on maximizing return on capital invested while managing risk for its private investors through the acquisition, management and sale of multi-family communities. Carter-Haston currently owns and manages over 35 multi-family communities with regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Tampa, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; Charleston South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina and Birmingham, Alabama. Their home office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Congratulations to the recent promotions of Tom Baird, Regional Vice President; Chris Carter, Area Manager; Harry Hoover, Area Manager; Nelda Watkins, Area Manager; Amanda Hodgson, Area Manager and Wes Jones, Revenue Manager. For more information on Carter-Haston please visit their web site at CarterHaston.com.