A useful guide to social media


We’ve been talking a lot about social media here at Apartment Finder over the past six weeks — so much so that some people are probably getting a little tired of it and that some people may feel like the train left the station without them totally getting on.

The reason for the focus is very simple: this is a good tool that is going to be important to the multi-family industry and everyone on our team should know about it.

We’re not de-emphasizing our core business. After all, we provide a great solution with our prospect-focused distribution to a lot of marketing challenges. Actually, we believe that social media is going to create new distribution opportunities that the team at Apartment Finder is uniquely positioned to take advantage of.

If you’re feeling a little at sea and want a more traditional way to get your footing than just diving in and getting wet, we think the document below is a good tool. This is a book that attempts to lay out just what social media is and how professionals can use it.

Download it and take some time with it.

The Essential Guide to Social Media