About Apartment Finder


Apartment Finder is America’s fastest growing publication in the multi-family industry with books in nearly 114 markets across the U.S.

Beyond its vibrant four-color pages and consumer-friendly format, Apartment Finder is much more than a superior quality magazine – it’s an integrated marketing-focused service program for advertisers.

Apartment Finder’s proprietary prospect-focused distribution strategy places more magazines in more locations, continually “bumping into” prospective residents wherever they work, live and play. Magazines are also distributed nationally through the Moving Hotline Toll-Free number to major corporations and third-party providers within the relocation industry through the Corporate Relocation Resource Center.

The Apartment Finder team makes it their business to understand the advertiser’s business. The team provides marketing tools and services to create great advertising and great response as well as a way to measure that response.

Finding ideal prospects also means having a meaningful online presence. ApartmentFinder.com features all advertised properties and dramatically enhances advertising performance. The site is also a part of NCI’s residential umbrella site, LivingChoices.com, with a growing audience of one million unique visitors per month.

Publication Frequency: 6 times yearly


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