Another Trip on the Energy Bus!


group 2
Team Florida arrived in Orlando last week for an action packed 2-day regional meeting. VIP guests included, Marcia Bollinger President, VP of National Accounts, Patty Crawford, Regional Director, Michelle Childers and Andrew Witter, Director Stragegic Accounts/Digital Sherpa.

The Florida team jumped on The Energy Bus for Destination Success! It was a fun ride as the team was engaged in team building exercises, motivational & brainstorming sessions. The meeting closed with a fabulous and fun team dinner that is the spirit and core of the Florida team. An added element of surprise was when our Madam President, Marcia, rapped for the FL Team….Go Orange! We had a funky sunglass contest and the winners were: LaToya Butler-Humes, Chad Shaffer, Barbara McNulty and Brian Bazinet.

All Attendees: bottom row left to right: Andrew Witter, Patty Crawford, Michele Childers, Marcia Bollinger, Linda Beach, Barbara McNulty 2nd row: Betty Mularz, Yvonne Salvator, Rachael Nelson, Greg Craven, Brian Bazinet, Danielle Bush, LaToya Bulter-Humes, Tammi Torres 3rd row: Barbara Bailey, James Haeger, Christina McDonald Back row: Denise Hull, Dallas David, Chad Chaffer, Jim Farrel