Apartment Finder Announces OnDemand Coupons!

Author: Alecia Pirulis

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Apartment Finder will be creating a buzz at NAA with the unveiling of several new products. Be sure to stop by and ask about our all-new OnDemand Coupons! Once again leading the way in cutting-edge innovation, Apartment Finder is the first Internet Listing Service to offer this type of product. This new marketing tool allows apartment communities to offer cost-saving opportunities to apartment seekers from a single Web-based source. The coupons are aggregated on ApartmentFinder.com, so apartment shoppers can return as often as they like to view and print available offers. When consumers use a mobile device, the OnDemand Coupons will display within the target search results on the Coupons Nearby and the Rent Specials pages.

Advertisers will be able to purchase an OnDemand Coupon to promote their rent special or move-in concession. The promotion will be displayed prominently in a coupon carousel on the ApartmentFinder.com Search Results page. Apartment Finder’s OnDemand Coupons will deliver qualified leads to advertisers by giving apartment shoppers another opportunity to connect with them.

The OnDemand Coupons will be unveiled along with two other fantastic new products, FinderPrime and OnDemand Floor Plans. FinderPrime bundles Finder Pro with a FinderSite for an incredible value, while OnDemand Floor Plans are 2D and 3D plans that will enhance your online property.

You’ll want to stop by Apartment Finder’s booth #1020 if you are in Denver for NAA, happening June 18-21, to learn more about Apartment Finder’s creative new products!

To read more about OnDemand Coupons, click here.