Apartment Finder Finds Local Leads through Outreach Marketing

Author: Lauren Ross

Mixed group in business meeting

Marketing is a key function in any business when promoting and selling a product or service. It is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large (American Marketing Association). We live in an online world where numerous companies are marketing their products via website or social media. At Apartment Finder, we too believe online marketing is extremely important. After all, we are an online resource, dedicated to helping apartment shoppers find their next home through multiple mobile offerings.

We are also dedicated to helping multifamily communities locate and gain qualifying leads through our unique marketing products.  We use a personable approach when marketing products to current multifamily customers and when seeking new clientele. When pursuing local leads, Apartment Finder focuses on outreach marketing.  Even though we live in an online world, it’s not enough to solely rely on the internet to generate leads – especially in the B2B marketplace.

It’s important to understand and identify the location of your customer base to generate qualifying leads.  Apartment Finder continues to generate leads and convert them to clients through the following local outreach marketing efforts:

Networking at Local Trade Shows

When Apartment Finder walks into a trade show, we view it as a networking opportunity to promote the brand and learn about the specific needs of local apartment communities. You can locate our booth by our signature orange color, and learn about the innovative multifamily tools and resources from our outstanding and knowledgeable Finder representatives.


Being a sponsor is a great way to support your local market. Sponsoring can increase brand awareness and loyalty, as well as drum up potential business through networking.

Community Involvement

It’s all about getting involved within the community and supporting a great cause here at Apartment Finder. Our employees love to volunteer and participate in local nonprofit organizations. Just last year, we helped sponsor TLC Properties Relay for Life walk in the Southwest Missouri area and our rep, Kara O’Bryant Turner, joined in on the amazing cause. By putting our brand out there and being involved in the local community, Apartment Finder can garner a lead base within the market while supporting local organizations.