Apartment Finder Releases Survey Results

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Apartment Finder recently conducted a survey involving 5,000 apartment shoppers across the country. The goal was to learn more about what entices those seeking apartments to sign the lease, and the results were surprising:

Of those surveyed, 63 percent said cost was the most important factor when selecting their next apartment to rent. Location came in second at 24 percent, followed by neighborhood crime statistics at 7.3 percent, the school system at 3 percent, and finally community amenities at 2.6 percent.

Another important finding from the survey: online reviews matter – a lot. Nearly everyone surveyed – an impressive 96 percent – said online reviews influence their decision when choosing an apartment.

The way apartment shoppers search is changing. While the majority continues to rely on their home computers to search for apartments, almost half – 49 percent – are using mobile devices. And those mobile users are more likely to call and email – 45 percent and 42 percent respectively – the apartment communities of their choice. Another surprise: 49 percent said they call the apartment community directly from the listing using their mobile device.

Apartment Finder’s President, Marcia Bollinger, commented on the results: “Our latest study offers compelling insights for anyone in the business of leasing apartments. The findings reinforce the importance of leveraging leading-edge online and mobile tools to reach apartment shoppers when they are actively engaged in their search process.”

Apartment Finder’s leadership in the development of online and mobile tools has made it the number one choice for apartment renters. Award-winning Apartment Finder offers free cutting-edge iPhone, Android, and Tizen apps as well as a mobile-enabled website. A widget allows apartment shoppers access to renter peer reviews on apartment listings, and the recent Citrus Update includes real-time search technology for instant search result updates and more.

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