Apartment Marketing; Start with a Machete

Author: Alecia Pirulis

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

So, The new decade is here. What a whirlwind the last ten years. It is sort of difficult to really understand what the next ten years may even look like, as the world is changing at an incredible swift clip. Are you keeping up or just hiding behind yesterday’s silly policies and procedures?

But, there are some who would say, There is Nothing New Under the Sun, and when you break things down into very simple basics, and have the Residents Experience in mind, you can actually see your way to innovation.

Our friend and fellow apartment maniac Mike Brewer penned a post today that originated at “Feed me!” « Hoehn’s Musings. Mike’s post, titled What Can a Baby Bird Teach Apartment Peeps and Charlie Hoehn’s (btw, this Charlie guy has a pretty impressive start for being so young) really illustrate is Make Things Simple for the Customer.

Easier Said Than Done

If you took the time to read the referenced posts, it is about an incredibly simple idea, that likely every person reading this post has experienced, breaking down who owes what when any type of a group of folks have dinner, drinks or just a casual lunch together.

Quoted from Charlie’s post Reciept

An interesting example of a company that spoon-feeds their customers is Ted’s Montana Grill. At any other restaurant, the bill would come at the end of the meal, with the sum total of everyone’s meals, and the entire group would struggle to calculate how much each of them owed.

Cash is exchanged, tip calculators are whipped out, and there’s always that one jerk (me) who only has a credit card. Figuring out how to split the bill is an ordeal. At Ted’s, it isn’t.

I wonder just how many hours, days, weeks, months it actually took Ted’s Montana Grill to actually implement this seemingly simple idea? My guess is a whole lot longer than we may think.

Start With a Machete

It seems the best way to start is to whack down the brush. Which can get so thick in organizations that we become so afar the mark, and we spend so much energy and resources defending it, that one rarely sees the simple ways we can all Improve the Residents Experience.

Think about the example, and then who’s responsibility was it to come up with that specific idea, the restaurant or the cash register vendor.

It Almost Always Starts at the Top

While we all want to think that change can be made from the middle and percolate up, it most often does not, because folks are afraid of change and they need their jobs.

We could ramble on for pages about how many utterly silly things we all do in this beloved industry of apartment management, yet few CEO’s and Apartment Executives are willing to get out the machete and start whacking.

Better yet, hand out a whole passel of machete’s to the front line and let them disrupt the things a bit. They know the answers to your organizations problems, just give them some swinging room. If they happen to cut out a policy and procedure that really was important, it is pretty easy to put it back.