Why Apartments Make for Terrific Thanksgiving Meals

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Thanksgiving Dinner

Willard Scott was famously quoted saying, “Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful inside.” Many Americans share the same testament as the famous actor/comedian. Thanksgiving is a day that brings families together for a remarkable meal in a cozy atmosphere. There is no environment more perfect for a Thanksgiving meal than your very own apartment!

If you have a guest list fewer than eight people, an apartment is the perfect setting. Your home will offer a comfy setting with enough room for everyone to both sit around the table and enjoy the delicious food or plop on the couch to watch football on the television. Depending on the size of your apartment, you can possibly be even more ambitious and squeeze more than 10 guests.

If your kitchen table isn’t large enough to fit eight people, don’t fret. A larger table can be added to the living area so everyone has plenty of room to sit down and enjoy their meal. The apartment might need to be slightly rearranged, but this is certainly feasible. Food.com offers 21 outstanding tips for hosting Thanksgiving.

If space is an issue and you have to move items from the living room, don’t worry. If guests can see the television from where they are sitting at the main table or they can move their chairs near the TV, they will be perfectly fine.

Additionally, many residents at apartment communities are out of town during Thanksgiving. This will make parking easy for all of your guests, which is always convenient. If there isn’t enough room in the kitchen for all of the food, dishes can strategically be placed on tables throughout the open setting in your apartment. According to CNN, 88% of Americans eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day and we know that a Turkey can take up some serious space!

There is something about being in a cozy atmosphere during the Thanksgiving holiday. Throwing a Thanksgiving meal in your apartment will offer just that. Your guests will not only be raving about the turkey and stuffing, they will rave over the great conversation and the outstanding company inside your apartment for your Thanksgiving meal!

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