Are you a left-brain or right-brain person?


Most of us know which had we favor, but we don’t really know which side of our brain we favor. And, more importantly, we don’t know how the people around us are oriented, which can make some key things, like working on a project or trying to build consensus, particularly frustrating.

480_left_right_brain_xp1Branding Strategy Insider has a good post up about Marketers, Management and the Mind that we believe is a very useful guide for all of us in the multi-family business.

One key difference between management and marketer is how each approaches information about a particular situation.

Reality vs. Perception
Management deals in facts and figures, an analytical approach to a problem. Getting to the bottom of the situation is the goal. In short, management deals in reality.

Marketing deals almost exclusively in perception. What matters to marketing people are not the facts of a situation but what’s in the minds of consumers, which may or may not correspond with reality. Since perceptions are extremely difficult to measure, marketing people have to use intuitive, holistic thinking.

The post supplies and interesting perspective that might just help you understand the people you work closely with a little bit better.