Are You Managing Your Social Media…or Is It Managing You?


Does this sound familiar? It’s late afternoon, you’ve been working on projects, crunching numbers for a proposal, answering calls and weeding through your never-empty inbox of emails; suddenly you realize it’s getting late so you glance at the clock thinking it’s probably ‘about 5ish’ ….but it’s almost 7pm!

“What? It can’t be 7 o’clock?! Where did the time go?”

JugglingPriorities.jpgIf you are anything like me, this happens a lot. As a full-time professional and single mom of three, my world resembles a juggling act with projects, calls, appointments, meetings, emails, reports, trips, schedules and a variety of other home and work activities. If you’re in property management, add to that the pressure of managing your “mini-cities” (a.ka. communities) and all the residents within them…and now you have more than a juggling act: it’s a full-blown circus!

All of us are facing a new time-management challenge and that is, how do we efficiently add social media into our already jam-packed, busy lives? How does anyone squeeze in time to participate, monitor and update their fellow Facebookers, link to their LinkedIn-ers and follow their Tweeters in the Twitterverse?

Managing your growing networks can present a social media quagmire, but thankfully, help is on the way in the form of desktop applications that help you stay on top of it all.

. . . if you want Facebook, TwitStock, 12seconds, and TwitScoop integrated into your desktop experience, then stay with TweetDeck.

In the photo department, you’ll likely ooh and ahh at what you can do with Seesmic Desktop. Want to drag-and-drop a photo instead of upload one? No problem. Would you rather just take a snap shot using your webcam? You can do that too. TweetDeck just does TwitPic.

So Seesmic Desktop and TweetDeck are the two front-runners in managing these activities—quickly and easily. And the best part? No juggling skills required.

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